The One about discovering Japanese Music: Moumoon

In 2004, singer/songwriter YUKA and musician/composer Kousuke Masaki were introduced by a mutual friend. Eventually, the two appreciated each other’s music and in 2005, the two would form the rock unit, moumoon. The group based their name from the French world “mou” and the English word “moon” which literally translates to “soft moon”. Two words that would describe the two individuals of the group. YUKA who was born on Dec. […]

The One about Amuro Namie

In Japan, there are very  few female pop stars that has not only had a long lasting music career, continually pump out chart topping hits and have a significant role in Japanese pop culture than Amuro (last name) Namie (first name). Born in Osaka and attending the Okinawa Actor’s School after being scouted, while she liked the school, her family could not afford the monthly fees.   But seeing the talent […]

The One about Discovering Japanese Music: ZARD’s “Zard Blend ~Sun & Stone~

My review was featured on J!-ENT (2007): With the sad and depressing news of the death of Sakai Izumi, lead singer of the popular band ZARD, I pulled this album out and just listened to it over and over. With the October 2006 release of “Golden Best ~15th Anniversary~” being an ultimate album for ZARD fans wanting to catch up on ZARD music from 1991-2006, their first collection of hits […]

The One about Discovering Japanese Music: Hitomi Shimatani’s “Otoko Uta – Cover Song Collection”

Sometimes you just want to go back to your music collection and find music you just are in the mood for. And you know that you start to feel old when artists you enjoyed immensely start to receive the cover treatment. But fortunately, in this case, the cover songs featured on “Otoko Uta – Cover Song collection~”, the 2007 album from Shimatani Hitomi turns out to be a beautiful and […]

The One about Discovering Japanese Music: Perfume – Spending All My Time

Perfume is a group which consists of members Ayano Omoto, Yuka Kashino and Ayaka Nishiwaki from Hiroshima, Japan debuted back in 2001 and is produced by Capsule and Meg producer Yasutaka Nakata. Featured in an Apple iTunes commercial worldwide to their music being featured in “Cars 2”, to concert performances all over the world, Perfume has done quite well for themselves. The group has gone through changes over the years […]

The One about Discovering Japanese Music: SMAP’s “Yozora no Mukou”

For decades, the boy band SMAP had entertained audiences. Gracing magazine covers, TV commercials, having multiple television shows featuring a member or all members, they were Japan’s most popular group until friction developed and the group calling it quits on December 31, 2016. But still, I listen to their music often and SMAP had an awesome single back in 1998. Their 27th single “Yozora no Mukou” (Beyond the Sky) has […]

The One about Discovering Japanese Music: Mr. Children’s “Atomic Heart”

I remember when I was sent a tape by a friend featuring the CD single for “Cross Road” and I was instantly hooked. I just remember watching their brief music video clips on various Japanese music shows and just felt that the music was well-sung, felt unique compared to other music at that time and the vocals were just awesome. Especially the lyrics to the songs. Just awesome! I received […]