The One about “Decoration never dies, anyway” at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum Part 2 – Kour Pour

As we featured in our first part of the “Decoration never dies, anyway” exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, there are more artists and their works I have yet to feature. So, let’s continue with my blog coverage from the exhibition! Featuring Kour Pour’s “Argo Navis” created in 2015-2016 featuring acrylic on canvas over panel, “Floating World” created in 2015-2017 featuring acrylic on canvas over panel.  And “Holy […]

The One about Doughnut Plant New York City in Shirogane

Doughnut Plant has been a fixture in New York City and Tokyo. With four shops in New York and three in Tokyo, Doughnut Plant is one of the more notable American-based doughnut shops that have thrived in Tokyo and has gained a wonderful reputation thanks to their seasonal offerings but also providing doughnuts for different clientele including donuts for vegans. The company never uses eggs, preservatives or anything artificial and […]

The One about “Decoration never dies, anyway” at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum Part 1

In 1983, the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum opened to the public. Located at the building that was the former residence of Prince and Princess Asaka and was influenced by studying in Paris in the 1920s. While I will discuss more about the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum in the near future, I wanted to discuss their latest exhibition, “Decoration never dies, anyway”. The exhibit began on Novemer 18th and […]

The One about the Shinkyo Bridge in Nikko

The Shinkyō Bridge (sacred bridge) is one of the popular sights to see before entering Nikko’s shrines and temples. The bridge was constructed in 1636 but another bridge was once there in the same spot prior to the Shinkyo Bridge and is ranked in the top 3 of Japan’s finest bridges. The Shinkyo Bridge was once called Yamasugeno-jabashi and belongs to the Futarasan Shrine. The history of the bridge is […]

The One about Onigiriya Marutoyo in Tsukiji Fish Market

A lot of people ask me if I recommend one place in Tsukiji Fish Market, I can easily say that anywhere in Tsukiji, you’ll get great breakfast sushi. But is there a place that I go to Tsukiji for and has been a ritual for me to visit each time in Japan?  My answer is “Onigiri Marutoyo”. This is a vendor that sells onigiri (rice ball) of various types.  Really, […]

The One about Wadakura Fountain Park in Chiyoda

Located near the Imperial Palace is the Wadakura Fountain Park, a park that is part of Kokyogaien National Gardens. The park was created to commemorate the royal wedding of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan back in 1961. The fountain was reconstructed in 1995 to incorporate a more post-modern theme which was “Continuity” and “New Development” and people will notice four canal-like areas that lead to the new fountain […]

The One about visiting Jun Takahashi’s MADSTORE UNDERCOVER concept store at Laforet Harajuku

Jun Takahashi is one of my favorite Japanese fashion designers and the man responsible for the brand UNDERCOVER. Jun was the vocalist of the cover band “Tokyo Sex Pistols” and his role model was Vivienne Westwood (fashion designer best known for bringing modern punk and new wave fashion into the mainstream and was inspired by promoter and manager, Malcom McLaren, who managed the Sex Pistols). Jun would launch UNDERCOVER in […]

The One about the Hanako Memorial Statue near Kichijoji Station

In May 2017, the Hanako Memorial Statue was unveiled near Kichijoji Station. Hanako was born in 1947 in Thailand and was owned by the late Thai businessman Somwang Sarasas. In 1949, the businessman gave Japan Hanako as a gift to show the relationship between both Thailand and Japan. And so, she was taken to Ueno Zoo in Tokyo where she resided until 1954, where she moved to Inokashira Park between […]