The One about Ikinari Steak Part 2

I don’t really eat red meat, let alone steak all that much. When I travel, often I’ll partake in steak. And I wanted to try the Kobe Steak at Hakushu in Shibuya and the Japanese Rib-Eye Steak at Ikinari Steak (which there are many restaurants in Japan, three in New York City and six more being planned). I briefly wrote about Ikinari Steak last October. Last year, I wrote about […]

The One about Ikinari! Steak

“This is the Very Steak, the Big Cut of Steak!” This is the slogan of the restaurant “Ikinari! Steak” (which translates to “Sudden! Steak”), which was founded by Kunio Ichinose. The first restaurant opened in 2013 in Ginza and by 2015, there were 64 restaurants that have been opened and with a plan of 100 stores were planned by the end of the summer of 2016. The concept is similar […]