The One about Pompompurin Cafe in Harajuku

Naturally, as one would expect from Japan, there is a lot of love for Sanrio. From Hello Kitty to Gudetama,  a plethora of characters that have plenty of merchandise that many fans clamor for and deeply love. A character that may not be as known outside of Japan has a cafe. Known as Pompompurin, a golden retriever dog which Sanrio introduced in 1996, this cute dog lives in a basket […]

The One about B-Side Label

In Japan, stickers are very popular and there are those who collect the stickers because they are designed by various artists and are limited edition only sold at stores such as B-Side Label. And on July 28th, B-Side Label, the popular sticker store in Harajuku is celebrating their 5th anniversary. But the store offers original stickers to popular characters and logos, joke stickers, pin badges, coasters, specialized masking tape, beer […]

The One about Nicolas House in Harajuku

Japan is a competitive place for restaurateurs and sometimes by the time I want to blog about something, to realize that the place had closed or were in the process of closing. Such as the case of Nicolas House, a crepe location and restaurant that was owned by French chef Nicholas Charles in Harajuku and right near Omotesando. Unfortunately, the place closed in December 2016 but were known for creating […]

The One about SHIPS in Harajuku

Located in Cat Street in Harajuku is the store, SHIPS. With a history that goes as far back as 1970, SHIPS began as “MIURA” which sold imported casual clothing. In 1975, MIURA & SONS opened their Shibuya store which was followed by the SHIPS Ginza store in 1977. The company is best known for opening the first store for women in Ginza called “SHIPS LADIES” and in the ’80s, more […]

The One about Rainbow Pancake in Harajuku

In America, we think of pancakes as breakfast food and food we make at home early in the morning or go to a place like IHOP or Denny’s breakfast.  Typically, we are used to the thin pancakes that we put butter and syrup. But in Japan, pancakes are seen as a desert and one of the most popular restaurants known for serving the best pancakes is Rainbow Pancake in Harajuku. […]

The One about Ura-Harajuku

Quite often when one talks about Harajuku, typically it’s about Takeshita St. (and the stores within the street) and Harajuku Station. But there is more to Harajuku past Takeshita St or within that vicinity.  Keep going past Takeshita Street and discover the world of Ura-Harajuku a.k.a. Ura-Hara. A location where one can find smaller independent shops and mostly walkways, no vehicles through these areas and numerous restaurants and cafe. Ura-Hara […]

The One about the Crepes in Harajuku

Crepes.  The very thin pancake made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour originated in France. And they have become so popular around the world that you can find many restaurants selling these thin pancakes with a variety of savory fillings. And in Japan, in Harajuku, there are five locations to sample delicious crepes. Sweetbox specializes in beautifully made crepes with fresh fruit and are handmade. Angel’s Heart is the oldest […]

The One about Harajuku Station

One of the first stations I had the opportunity to visit during my first time in Japan was Harajuku Station. A well-known railway station located in Shibuya, Tokyo and operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East), the station’s beginnings go as far back as 1906. With over 70,000 passengers daily, Harajuku Station has no doubt become overly crowded on the weekends and while it is cramped, it was quite […]