The One about Valle Grullense in Hanford, California

This past weekend, I was in Hanford, California to visit a Mexican restaurant, Valle Grullense. I have heard a lot of wonderful things about this restaurant and when I hear they have great burritos but also a lot of variety of dishes, I had to check it out! When I went to visit the location, I was quite surprised as this was the place that was once known as “Golden […]

The One about Batman Day – September 23, 2017

On September 23rd, DC Comics and many comic shops around the world celebrated BATMAN DAY. As #BatmanDay was trending on social media, I was interested about this event as it would celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Harley Quinn. You know…the fem fatale bad ass that appeared on the “Batman: The Animated Series” and became so popular that she became a significant character in the comic books and became a symbol […]

The One about Superior Dairy in Hanford, California

When I was a child, my grandfather who was a well-known chef in the area back in the ’70s and ’80s, would take me to a place called Superior Dairy in the agricultural town of Hanford, California. Superior Dairy has become well-known in the United States for being one of the must-go to ice cream shops. It’s a well-deserved recognition as it’s one of the few ice cream places that […]

The One about Silent Film Night at the Fox Theatre (Hanford)

Back in the 1920’s, the Fox Film Corporation owned by William Fox would build their large chain of movie theaters across the United States known as “Fox Theatres”. Using architecture inspired by Asian, Indian, Persian and Moorish influences, these theaters continue to be entertainment spots, churches or have fallen into bad shape and were demolished. One of the locations that I grew up visiting as a child is the Fox […]

The One about Fatte Albert’s Pizza Co. in Hanford and Lemoore, California

As I have traveled the world, one thing I always want to try once in awhile is pizza. And while the majority of what we see out there are popular chains, I absolutely love finding local pizzeria’s, especially one that gives back to the community. Located in Central California (Kings County: Hanford and Lemoore) is Fatte Albert’s Pizza Co.  Owned by Steve and Wendy Gonzales, their local pizzeria’s offer gourmet […]