The One about Halloween in Japan Part 2

In Japan, Halloween is a major event. Where in America, we pretty much buy our costumes, we have a part on the weekend but for the most part, everything is celebrated on the day of. Japan treats Halloween almost like Christmas, it’s celebrated the entire month. Care, restaurants and businesses get into the Halloween festivity and many cookies, cakes or even certain foods are released for Halloween and people can’t […]

The One about the Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Fes 2017

Halloween has become a phenomenon in Japan. A little over five years ago, Halloween wasn’t even a thing in Japan.  But that has changed as Halloween has become a major event in Japan were restaurants, bakeries, cafe not only found an event to take advantage of Halloween, similar to Christmas, it’s a month or even a week in Japan that many people look forward to because many businesses are taking […]

The One about Halloween Day 2016 (October 31, 2016) in Tokyo, Japan

The week leading up to Halloween has no doubt been incredible but because Halloween takes place on a Monday, a lot of the Halloween festivities took place on the weekend. Still, I had a feeling that people would be out on Halloween Day dressed up in costume and sure enough…I was right. Here are photos I took on Halloween Day (October 31, 2016) throughout Tokyo.

The One about Halloween in Japan Part 1

As I am currently in Japan, as I promised, I will be reporting on how Halloween is in Japan. Having read how Halloween has grown huge in Japan within the last five years and many saying that promotions for Halloween is becoming close to Christmas status, I had to experience Halloween in Japan for myself and see it with my own eyes. So far, I noticed that restaurants, bakeries and […]

The One about Halloween in Kawasaki and Tokyo

While many countries around the world celebrate October 31st as the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallow’s Day.  Somewhere in the past, the day known as Halloween has changed to being a day full of pumpkins, ghosts, witches, spiders, bats and a lot of candy.  So much that is has evolved to a day of partying and going out and wearing a costume. In Tokyo, the Halloween […]