The One about Terrace House: Opening New Doors

As a big fan of the “Terrace House” Japanese reality TV series, I was looking forward to the fourth series titled “TERRACE HOUSE OPENING NEW DOORS” which airs on Fuji TV, shown on Fuji on Demand (FOD) but also on Netflix Japan.  And is a co-production between Fuji TV and Netflix. For those not familiar with the series, the reality show provides a really awesome place for the houseguests (three […]

The One about the Fuji TV Building in Odaiba

In Odaiba, Japan, the Fuji TV building is one of the more recognized buildings, as it has been featured on television and movies. It’s one of the coolest, modern designed buildings in Odaiba and even years after it was built, it is still an iconic building in Tokyo. And I have been going to visit Fuji TV since 1999 as tours to see the various locations of where TV programs […]