The One about Fritz Lang’s Die Nibelungen

They were Germany’s powerhouse couple, filmmaker Fritz Lang who had a successful hit with “Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler” (1922), the famous director would marry writer Thea von Harbou, the woman he helped writing her screenplay and helped her with the production of the adaptation of her 1917 novel “Das indische Grabmal” (The Indian Tomb). The two worked together for the film “Der mude Tod” (Destiny) in 1921 but for von […]

The One about Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”

Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” is just incredible. What is amazing is that this 84-year old film has literally caught the attention of cinema fans from various generations throughout several decades. With each restoration, there is always something new to find in this film and literally, within these last 80+ years, we get closer and closer to the complete “Metropolis” and if for some reason a negative exists of the film out […]