Travel Guide: The One about Basic Economy

You booked a flight and got it very cheap and you are now excited. But many travelers are learning that the cheap flight they paid for was “basic economy” and not regular “economy”. And for those who have read about the confusion, frustration or the anger on social media. You have every right to be upset but unfortunately, United Airlines, Delta (who has been doing it since 2012) and American […]

The One about Japan Airlines (JAL)

As a frequent traveler, I often like to try different airline companies and stick with them if the experience was fantastic. There have been overseas flights where I have sat with loud people and sat in uncomfortable seats that frankly, getting sleep on a 12-13 hour flight is difficult. Recently, I had the opportunity to fly on Japan Airlines (JAL), known in Japan as Nihon Koku Kabushiki-gaisha. The Airline company […]