The One about the COACH Sullivan Small Messenger (Midnight Denim) Shoulder Bag (F72108 DWF)

Having own a good number of COACH leather bags, I needed a messenger and also with a color I didn’t own. So, the COACH Sullivan Small Messenger Shoulder Bag (Leather/Midnight Denim) was what I have been looking for. The Sullivan features several pockets: two zipper pockets (front is 7.5 x 7.5 inches and the inside is 7 x 6.5 inches), credit card slot pocker and one mobile pocket, you can […]

The One about the Belts

I grew up with being taught that belts are there to hold your pants in place. These days, belts are not just for holding our pants up but they are also a wise accessory for the those who are about their own personal style and for the most part, guys should be wearing a belt 90% of the time. In fact, I treat belts like socks, good to have a […]

The One about my COACH scarves

Are you a person into scarves (or Kremer, Muffler, neck-wraps)? According to wikipedia (so not sure how accurate this is), one of the origins of the scarf was as far back in ancient Rome in order to keep clean. Back then it was called a sudarium (which means “sweat cloth”) and was used to wipe sweat from the neck and face during the hot weather and was placed around the […]

The One About the COACH MBC Solid Beach Tote

I often visit the beach during the hot summer and I typically don’t like bringing any of my really nice leather bags to the beach.  It’s typically back-packs or cheap older tote bags that I had in the closet. But since early winter, I have had my eye on the COACH MBC Solid Beach Tote and while COACH has offered several colors of the tote, utilizing the colors of orange, […]

The One about the COACH Varick Garment Bag

COACH is often known for leather-based products and even though you will often find summer bags made with another material, you still have quite a bit of leather pieces on the bag. Recently, while visiting my local COACH store, the ladies brought out a few of the products they received and what caught my eye was this COACH Varick Garment Bag (F93316). It’s actually a garment bag but with the […]

The One about the COACH Camden Leather Zip Travel Zip Bag

For those who are traveling to another country, I recommend a passport cover or a zip travel bag. In some countries, it’s the law for foreigners to have their passport on them.  Also, it comes useful in case something bad may happen to you and authorities can identify you, but also if you are stopped by the authorities who want you to show them a passport, you have it on […]

The One About the COACH Lexington Leather Flap Business Brief

As a big supporter of COACH leather bags, I needed a new laptop bag.  And it was a difficult choice because I’m trying to avoid getting too much black as in the past, everything I purchased was black.  So, I’m opting for more camel or brown type of leather bags. But I still feel that black bags are still worthy of purchase and while I have several bags for my […]