The One about Asakusa Nishiyama

Are you planning to head to Asakusa to check out the popular Sensoji Temple? If you are coming out from the #2 Exit of Asakusa Station at Ginza Line or right across the street from Kaminarimon in Asakusa, check out Asakusa Nishiyama. Asakusa Nishiyama is a Japanese sweets cafe which was established back in 1852.  Not many cafe’s have been around that long and for 160 years, the cafe is […]

The One about Moriva Coffee

In the Kanto region and Nagoya, Moriva Coffee owned by Zensho Holdings, is a company that prides itself as a “Fair Trade Cafe” for selling delicious coffee beans from Kilimanjaro, East Timor, Mexico and Rwanda. The company purchases coffee and tea from farmers in developing countries for a fair price and helps support the economic develop of the country by doing so. Moriva Coffee offers coffee to their customers from […]

The One about 85°C Bakery Cafe

I know I have gushed about the awesomeness of Portos Bakery and Cafe in Southern California. But one of the popular bakery chains in California is 85°C Bakery Cafe, a Taiwanese chain of coffee shops and self-serve bakeries run by Gourmet Master Co., Ltd. Found in 2004 by tea shop owner Wu Cheng-Hsueh, there are over 800 branches in Taiwan, Australia and the United States (the first location was in […]

The One about Napoli’s Pizza & Caffe in Shibuya

Napoli’s Pizza and Cafe is among one of the Neapolitan-style pizzerias in Tokyo. As part of the big Napoli chain throughout Tokyo and has a few branches outside of the country, including Hong Kong, Bali and Vietnam, Napoli’s is great for those who want to eat on a budget and one to quickly eat for the price of Y300-900 yen. But the Napoli’s Pizza and Cafe that I visited was […]

The One about Blackball Taiwanese Dessert in San Gabriel

A friend told me about BlackBall, a Taiwanese Dessert place in San Gabriel which specializes in…Grass Jelly. I have to admit that I was hesitant of trying out when she first told me about it but I figured that we had similar interests in desserts, that I had to give it a try. It’s important to note that while Grass Jelly is popular in China, despite it’s name and the […]

The One about Joey’s Cafe in West Hollywood

My chill out spot for brunch/lunch when I’m traveling to the West Hollywood area is Joey’s Cafe ( Joey’s Cafe is one of those spots to kick back, indoor or outdoor, order a sandwich or a drink and just enjoy your breakfast, brunch or lunch. One of the things that we wanted to experience was their Rosemary Turkey Burgers and their chicken quesadillas.  And the location also serves fresh organic […]

The One about Revisiting Porto’s Bakery and Cafe in Burbank

Last week, I wrote about Porto’s Bakery and Cafe. But I figured that people want a more thorough review considering that the Burbank location was rated at #1 for Yelp’s list of highest-rated restaurants in the U.S. As I was in Southern California for several days for a viewing and family funeral, we needed to grab something to eat for dinner, so it gave me the opportunity to go to […]

The One about Clover Cafe in Asakusa

Are you planning to go to see the temples in Asakusa? More than likely you will pass by Asakusa Kaminarimon Clover Cafe. Established in 2006, Clover Cafe is a great place to hit up for breakfast to try the Clover chiffon cake, various sandwiches (which are inexpensive)…but the most popular part of this cafe is the impressive latte art courtesy of Manager KATOO and staff. It’s important to note that […]