The One about How I Became Interested in Japanese Culture

I’m often asked of how I became interested in Japanese culture. I know a lot of people get into it because of their interested in Japanese animation, the music, cinema and often pop culture-related. I think it would be a shock to some if I say that it was actually from unfortunate circumstances. But before I explain of how, let me give you a background of my life growing up […]

The One about the Six-Month Eating Experiment and Latest Blood Test

These last six months have been an interesting experiment. I wanted to move away from my meal plans and see what happens if I slowly started to incorporate things that I stopped eating, incorporate more carbs and to see how my body would react in the latest round of blood tests. I still workout, I have maintained the weight (although I am back on size 33-34 waist, definitely not fitting […]

The One about Hot Weather in California

It’s one thing if you live near the ocean and have cold mornings warm afternoons and back to cool evenings. But in parts of California, the reality is a cold or foggy winter and very hot dry summer.  Right now, it’s a hot spring and summer has not yet begun. We have been warned in the past year that El Nino would bring rain (which was great for the California […]

The One about my Grandmother Virginia

It was a little over a month ago that I celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  And at the same time, our family was preparing the 40th day of the death of my Uncle Jun. And here I am again, preparing another week of mourning for my grandmother Virginia with a viewing and a funeral. As I prepare my eulogy for my grandmother, I had a lot of things that went […]

The One about Losing 46 Pounds

When I first posted about my health issue back in September.  I posted how I had to change my life. As mentioned, I have done many diets, I have gone up and down in weight all my life but now, more than ever, I had to do all that’s necessary to lose the weight and keep it off, no longer just to fit in pants or wear dress shirts, it […]

The One about Halo Top Ice Cream

While I have eliminated ice cream from my weekly eating ritual months ago, I was told by a friend that there is a healthy alternative. But the truth is, I was skeptical because a lot of companies say they are healthy, when they really are not. But when I saw many other diabetics and healthy conscious people recommending Halo Top Creamery, all natural, all light ice cream.  I had to […]

The One about Losing 27 Pounds

I keep to 1200 calories a day (Again, this was my choice!), 200mg of cholesterol a day, 22 grams of sugar a day. For sugars, I have to use this when I blend smoothies for breakfast and lunch: But here is what I go by.  Using what is recommended by Dr. William Davis of Wheatbelly: WHAT I ELIMINATED: All wheat-based products (all breads, all breakfast cereals, noodles, pasta, bagels, muffins, […]

The One about the Meal Prepping

I started to prepare my own meal pres on Sundays. While I have been doing well with weight loss, I wanted to have more control with what I was eating and knowing how much or when to stop.  And so I decided to go with containers. I know there are special containers available that are color coordinated for other diets, for me, it was staying strict to containers and also […]