The One about the Acer Predator Gaming Utility Backpack

When it comes to backpacks to carry your laptop and gaming gear (or any gear), the Acer Predator Gaming Utility Backpack offers you a lot of space but also protection for your gear. The case will allow for a 17″ laptop (or 17″ Acer Predator) and has a ventilated back panel and soft padded shoulder straps. Top portion is the most sturdiest of the back pack with the Predator logo […]

The One about Choosing between a Backpack or Shoulder Bag for Traveling

A question I receive a lot is whether I prefer to use a backpack or shoulder bag when traveling. I use both and both have their own positives and negatives. I tend to enjoy using shoulder bags, since I tend to prefer the classy black or brown leather and I have easy access to everything I need.  Want to grab something, it’s right there on my side, ready for access. […]

The One about the Thule TEED-117 EnRoute Escort Daypack

Sweden-based company Thule is best known for their outdoor products and when it comes to traveling, I really dig their EnRoute Escort backpacks. I have been using the Thule TEED-117 EnRoute Escort Daypack which is designed for a 17″ MacBook Pro + iPad (note: This backpack will work for any 15.6 PC and 10.1″ tablet). Like previous computer bags, I take a look at protection, comfort, durability and also the […]