The One about Moët Marche 2017

In Tokyo Midtown, as part of the Christmas holiday, Moët & Chandon, a French fine winery and also the co-owner of the luxury goods company LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE and one of the world’s largest champagne producers held its Moët Marche 2017. Moët et Chandon was established back as far as 1743 courtesy of Claude Moët and the company owns 2,800 acres of vineyards and produces 28,000,000 bottles […]

The One about Tokyo Midtown Christmas 2017

In Tokyo, there are few sites that really go out when it comes to illumination during the Christmas holidays. Tokyo Midtown in Akasaka is one of those places.  And this year’s Tokyo Midtown Christmas 2017 did not disappoint. One of the larger, classy commercial spaces that offers offices, hotels, leisure space and also is the location of the Suntory Museum of Art, the Midtown Tower will be the tallest building […]

The One about My Late Blog Post of Cafe the 6BT in Akasaka – Check out Green Kitchen in Hokkaido

One of the toughest things about traveling and covering so many locations is that you hope to do a write up on a place you visit that is still around. There are times where you fall in love with a place and to find out that they closed down a month later. And unfortunately, this was the case for me as I went to Cafe the 6BT in Akasaka in […]

The One about Ariel & Witch Moon in Akasaka

Not far from Tokyo Midtown is a shop known as Ariel & Witch Moon. As the area is known for its healthy lifestyle stores, Ariel & Witch Moon is great for those looking for herbs, seasonal gifts and flowers but also those looking for house plants (many small enough to hold while riding the train). The place also holds courses as well, so for those who want to better their […]

The One about Tokyo Midtown in Akasaka

In 2007, the mixed-use development known as Tokyo Midtown was complete and unveiled to the public. The location of where Tokyo Midtown is at was once the home of the Mori clan during the Edo period.  And when the site was then took over by the United States Army in 1946 and was returned to Japan in 1960, where it became known as Camp Hinokicho and Hinokicho Air Base, and […]