The One about Itsukushima Shrine in Nerima

For those traveling to Nerima will definitely want to head to Shakuji Park to check out Itsukushima Shrine, Sanbuji Temple and Pond. Created during the Edo Era, the shrine’s date of when it was founded is unknown but it is considered a water shrine. What is known that the shrine received renovation in 1957, completed in 1985, was reinforced with concrete in 1988 and a seawall was created in 1987. […]

The One about Inarisuwa Shrine in Nerima

Located near Ikebuchishiseki Park in Nerima is Inarisuwa Shrine. Also known as Wada Inari Jinja, this Shinto Shrine is also known as Dengoro Inari or Wadaborinari and was once used as a guardian protecting the surrounding Wada district but since the Meiji period, the name of the shrine is officially Inarisuwa Shrine. While there are documents of the shrine, there is no clear date of when it was created.  On […]