The One about Valle Grullense in Hanford, California

This past weekend, I was in Hanford, California to visit a Mexican restaurant, Valle Grullense. I have heard a lot of wonderful things about this restaurant and when I hear they have great burritos but also a lot of variety of dishes, I had to check it out! When I went to visit the location, I was quite surprised as this was the place that was once known as “Golden […]

The One about Joe & The Juice at San Francisco’s International Airport

For those who know me, I’m big on juice and I’m big on coffee and if I can find awesome juice chains and coffee shops, it makes my day! So, when I was at San Francisco Airport, I saw a Joe & Juice shop and I’ve been wanting to try this place for years. While a number of juice shops exist in New York City and San Francisco, I’ve heard […]

The One about Carniceria Panaderia y Taqueria in Lemoore, California

I was passing by Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California and stopped by a market/restaurant, Carniceria Panaderia y Taqueria. I have been told that this place sells massive burritos for a great price and the burritos are delicious. So, I had to give this place a try! Going inside, you approach the market, but you go to the right and the area that sells burritos and tacos are located […]

The One about the Visalia Obon Festival 2017

It’s Obon Festival time!!! I have blogged in the past about what an Obon Festival is and covered various events.  And now the first Obon festival that I attended in the Central Valley for 2017 took place in the city of Visalia, California in Tulare County. The Visalia Obon Festival, which is a smaller obon event, kicks off the Central Valley Obon Festivals and then the next is held in […]

The One about Habi Sushi in Porterville, California

I have eaten at awesome sushi restaurants throughout Japan and in America, I’ve eaten sushi throughout California. So, whenever people tell me to try a restaurant out, I usually wait in three’s.  That is if I hear three people telling me to check it out, then I’ll have to check it out! While most often the sushi locations are in the Bay Area or Southern California, the latest place is […]

The One about Fast n Fresh Mexican Grill in Sylmar, California

It was a late Saturday night and with a lot of the affordable hotels booked, the most affordable hotel in Los Angels that we could find was in Sylmar, California. Sylmar is a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles and is known for its olive orchards and thus in 1893, the area was named Sylmar (which means “sea of trees”). Back in the ’70s and ’80s, Sylmar […]

The One about My Random Musings: Korea Times Music Festival @ The Hollywood Bowl (2017)

This weekend I was at Los Angeles and attended the 15th Annual Korea Times Music Festival @ the Hollywood Bowl. I’ll do more of a write-up when I get back and get situated but for now, please enjoy my latest Random Musings video from the event. Definitely one of my favorite events to go each year, the Korea Times Music Festival showcases a lot of talent and also many booths […]

The One about Lemoore, California

The next area that I am blogging from is Lemoore, California. Known for its Naval Air Base, its Tachi Bingo Palace and the where Journey lead singer Steve Perry had grown up as a child/teenager, the city of Lemoore was founded in April 1871 by Dr. Lovern Lee Moore from France. Originally called western Tulare County, California or Latache, the land was known for rich soil thanks to the Kings […]