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The One about Preparing a Budget and Knowing about Japanese Yen (Currency) Before Traveling to Japan

You are planning to go to Japan for the first time and are wondering about Japanese currency. Should you get currency at the American airport or local bank before going to Japan?  Should I wait until you get to Japan? Here is my advice when it comes to someone getting Japanese currency for the first time before leaving to Japan. I.  SHOULD I THINK ABOUT CURRENCY CONVERSION? Yes and no.  I often look at currency […]

The One about Chozuya or Temizuya

You are visiting Japan and go to a shrine or temple and you notice people going to an area which looks like a tub of water and you see people drinking from it? The thought may cross your mind… “Why are they drinking the water?”, “Is it sanitary?”, “Is it clean or will I get sick? Those are all valid questions, after all, we are used to our way of drinking water at public locations […]

The One about Basic Economy

You booked a flight and got it very cheap and you are now excited. But many travelers are learning that the cheap flight they paid for was “basic economy” and not regular “economy”. And for those who have read about the confusion, frustration or the anger on social media. You have every right to be upset but unfortunately, United Airlines, Delta (who has been doing it since 2012) and American Airlines are now doing it. […]

The One about How to Eat Inexpensively in Japan

Quite often when I speak to people about traveling, especially to Japan, I’m always asked how much one should save.  Especial for meals and how can one eat cheap. That is not an easy question as everyone is different and depending on how many weeks you stay, would determine how much things would cost.  But let’s say that the magic number is 10 Days. Here is a rule of thumb for costs: Roundtrip ticket from […]

The One about How To Find Out Your Suica/Pasmo IC Card Balance If You Live Outside of Japan

I have written about IC Cards, such as Suica and Pasmo. But let’s assume you are planning to go back to Japan and are not sure how much money you have on your IC Card. Fortunately, there is an app called Suica Reader and if you have a newer android phone like Samsung 7 or so, you can easily find out how much yen you have on your card. Here is a quick video I […]