The One about the Verbatim 32GB Metal Executive USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Are you the type of individual who incorporates a little bling into their accessories? Your conscience for style goes beyond your hairstyle, your clothes, your shoes, your glasses, your watches, etc. If you are a discerning user those details do matter.  And that even extends to your USB flash drive. Verbatim knows there is a market for targeting the demographic and so they have created the Verbatim Metal Executive USB […]

The One about the Belkin MFi Certified MIXIT Metallic 6600 mAh Power Rockstar Battery Pack

My latest battery backup review is for the Belkin MFi Certified MIXIT Metallic 600mAh Power Rockstar Battery While the battery can be used as a backup for those who go on long trips or not in an immediate area to charge their electronic device, this is a battery for those need to charge their cell phone, tablet, MP3 player or whichever USB device they have overnight. I personally am a […]

The One about the Rayovac PS99CL Power Protect Safety Siren, Flashlight, & Portable Charger

Having reviewed several products that deal with personal safety, the next product that I had a chance to review is the Rayovac PS99CL Power Protect Safety Siren, Flashlight, & Portable Charger. The first thing that came to mind were friends who jogged early in the morning (4:00-5:00 a.m.) and they have seen shady and suspicious people during their run and we talked about ways to protect themselves and how it’s […]

The One about Sofmap

In Japan, Yodabashi Camera and Bic Camera are popular locations for those wanting to purchase electronics. Sofmap is a subsidiary of Bic Camera and an electronic retailer that sells both new and used products. Established back in 1982 by Kei Suzuki, the origins of Sofmap was back in the software rental business.  But due to copyright issues, the company withdrew from that model and pursued on a new business that […]

The One about Yodabashi Camera in Akihabara

In 1960, Fujisawa Shashin Shokai was created and founded in the former town and ward of Yodobashi. As the store changed its named to Yodobashi Camera Co., Ltd. in 1974.  The first store would open in Shinjku Nishiguchi and 1/3 of all SLR cameras were sold at the Yodobashi camera store. As the company would open their online store in 1998, the company’s mega store would open in Akihabara in […]

The One about the Vornado 460 Compact Whole Room Air Circulator

As a proud owner of a Vornado 660 Whole Room Air Circulator, I wanted to see how the Vornado 460 Compact Whole Room Air Circulator compares. Especially compared to a similar sized and priced Honeywell Turbo Force Whole Room Air Circulator. First and foremost, the Vornado 460 is a bit smaller than the 660, moves air up to 70 ft (as opposed to the 660 which is 100 ft). While […]

Travel Guide: The One about Having a Travel Luggage Scale

One of the scariest things that many travelers (on a budget) always want to make sure is to not go over the maximum weight for their checked bags. If traveling internationally, you will want to find out what the maximum weight limit your airline will allow for checked bags. In my last trip to Japan, I had about 35 pounds total in my two checked in luggage, but coming back, […]

The One about the OtterBox Commuter Series Case

I have used OtterBox products for many years now and I have found them to be dependable products. The Commuter Series OtterBox products are also a series that offers protection but for those wanting something slim and lightweight and for people who are constantly on the go. I. WHAT’S IN THE CASE: You get the Whetstone Blue case (which is like a grayish blue) and mixed with dark gray. And […]