The One about SHIPS in Harajuku

Located in Cat Street in Harajuku is the store, SHIPS. With a history that goes as far back as 1970, SHIPS began as “MIURA” which sold imported casual clothing. In 1975, MIURA & SONS opened their Shibuya store which was followed by the SHIPS Ginza store in 1977. The company is best known for opening the first store for women in Ginza called “SHIPS LADIES” and in the ’80s, more […]

The One about the Diesel DZ1818 Armbar White Silicone Watch

I don’t typically wear fashion watches but when they catch my eye, it’s something I can’t resist having and wearing. For this latest review, I am reviewing DIESEL’s DZ1818 Armbar White Silicone Watch. DIESEL is an Italian fashion denim brand that was established back in 1978 and the company is developing a watch collection. The watch features a silicone case and 24mm strap, with a case diameter of 45mm and […]

Travel Guide – Japan: The One About Buying Clothes in Japan, Part 1

You are in Japan and you see a cool shirt or jacket that is your size and you buy it, take it back to the hotel or back to your country and you find out… it doesn’t fit! Using America as an example, since I am from the United States…for shirts or sweaters, buy two sizes up. This is a realization that many people learn quickly about clothes in Japan, […]

The One about Ralph Lauren’s Double RL Store in Omotesando

Ralph Lauren is an American brand that continues to attract people all over the world. From its inception back in 1967 by American designer Ralph Lauren and a company that once specialized only in men’s ties, Lauren’s interest in sports would lead him to create a menswear line which he named “Polo” in 1968. And as Ralph Lauren has various brands which include the Purple Label, Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo […]

The One about BEAMS

Many iconic fashion brands are well-known of being from America or Europe and a few from Asia. And while Japan is known for its electronics, video games, sportswear and footwear, and for some brands, its clothingwear. But one major Japanese clothing brand that is huge in Japan and slowly starting to get people to take notice internationally is BEAMS. BEAMS is a Japanese clothing brand that was first established back […]

The One about the New Balance Fresh Foam Gobi Trail

When it comes to trail shoes, I have been using New Balance. With the last one being the MT510BS, this time around I had the chance to get a pair of New Balance Fresh Foam Gobi Trail’s. Featuring a 6mm drop, according to New Balance, the Fresh Foam Gobi Trail’s offers “comfort and stability for your runs using Fresh Foam technology, an AT TREAD outsole and a FantomFit upper with […]

The One about the Skagen Hagen Connected Hybrid Smart Watch

I have reviewed several Skagen watches on my blog and one of the things I tend to emphasize is that Skagen watches are now known for their lightness, stylish design but also being affordable quartz watches. As a watch enthusiast, I also recommend Skagen for those who are starting out with purchasing of watches, wanting it to be stylish but also are not as willing to spend over a $100 […]