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The One about the Tommie Copper Light Weight Compression Ankle Socks

As a runner, I believe in compression sleeves and compression socks. Tommie Copper may have had a difficult situation last December with the FTC ruling due to their advertising practices of compression technology, but one shouldn’t count out compression socks or sleeves. If anything, you’ll need to try it out for yourself and see if they work for you. Because there are those who believe in that compression sleeves and socks do work. I actually […]

The One about Having Very Good Socks and Shoes and Preparing for Stairs in Tokyo

There was a time when I would to go to Japan and select dress shoes and socks, until I realize that stairs in Japan have quickly become my arch-rival. From carrying your multiple luggage, your travel bag/backpack and when going to the subway or train, you will constantly have to go through stairs.  And I mean a lot of them. No, don’t even think that there is an elevator or escalator nearby (they are there, […]

The One about Balega Running Socks

When it comes to running socks, a lot of the apparel companies that deal with fitness have their own type of running sock. But among that competitive crowd, Balega Hidden Comfort Socks have a great reputation among many runners. Created in South America , Balega uses Drynamix Air Conditioning Fabric System Moisture Manager which allows free movement of airflow ensuring cool and dry feet. Balega prides itself on Moh-Rino which keeps people warm in winter […]

The One about LACOSTE Chausettes

The latest chausettes (socks) that I will be checking out is from LACOSTE. LACOSTE socks feature soft ribbing, reinforced heels and toes and high stretch for high comfort.  The socks are often seen on the online site for a pair going for $16.00 and sometimes as low as $10.99 on sale. Made in Colombia, the argyle sock that I have is 63% cotton, 36% polyamide and 1% elastane, while the striped version features 78% cotton, […]

The One about Sockbeat

Many people who know me, now I have a special admiration for socks. While I have a considerable amount in my collection, as I do with shoes, watches and denim, one thing I get noticed a lot for are my socks. I believe that any outfit can be upgraded by socks, especially for well-planned color coordination.  Everything from clothing, pants, socks and shoes, can really show a lot about a person’s aesthetic style. And in […]