The One about visiting Jun Takahashi’s MADSTORE UNDERCOVER concept store at Laforet Harajuku

Jun Takahashi is one of my favorite Japanese fashion designers and the man responsible for the brand UNDERCOVER. Jun was the vocalist of the cover band “Tokyo Sex Pistols” and his role model was Vivienne Westwood (fashion designer best known for bringing modern punk and new wave fashion into the mainstream and was inspired by promoter and manager, Malcom McLaren, who managed the Sex Pistols). Jun would launch UNDERCOVER in […]

The One about the Fossil Q Commuter Hybrid Smartwatch

I have reviewed several hybrid smartwatches and as a watch enthusiast, I also recommend Fossil for those who are starting out with purchasing of watches, wanting it to be stylish but also are not as willing to spend over a $125 on a watch. But with that being said, Fossil is a brand that is well-known. In the past, they were the go to for stainless steel watches, to watches […]

The One about Denali Toklat II Hiking Boots

Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America and located in Alaska. It is also the name of an independent retail store along with Trailblazer in Southern New England. Stores that cater to outdoor brands such as The North Face, Timberland, Keen, Merrell, Astral, Vasque and many more. The stores were founded in 1994 with a total of seven stores in New England and sponsoring dozens of outdoor events […]

The One about the HI-TEC Eagle Ridge WP Hiking Boots

In 1974, the sportswear company Hi-Tec Sports was founded by Frank Van Wezel in England before relocating to Amsterdam, Netherlands. While his love for squash and tennis would lead to Wezel’s involvement in the sports shoe industry and introducing the first specialist squash shoe, the company has sold more than 19 million pairs of shoes since then. Meanwhile in Modesto, California, Duke and Kathy Jones started Hi-Tec sports USA and […]

The One about the Members Only Men’s Vegan Leather Iconic Racer Jacket

Back in the ’80s, owning a “Members Only” jacket made you part of the cool crew! Yes, I had a gray Members Only jacket (yeah, like the dude in the final episode of “The Sopranos”) minus the ’80s perm but hey, those were the times. “Members Only” goes as far back as 1975 when it was created and introduced in America in the ’80s, the slogan “when you put it […]

The One about the Skagen Signatur Hybrid Smart Watch (SKT1111)

I have reviewed several Skagen watches on my blog and one of the things I tend to emphasize is that Skagen watches are now known for their lightness, stylish design but also being affordable quartz watches. As a watch enthusiast, I also recommend Skagen for those who are starting out with purchasing of watches, wanting it to be stylish but also are not as willing to spend over a $100 […]

The One about Darn Tough Socks

As I prepare for my trip next month back to Japan, one thing I want to nip on the bud is the socks I will be bringing. Each time I travel, I learn more about what socks to bring and not bring and last year, walking nearly 12-24 miles each day, it took a toll on my feet but while I was prepared with band-aids and such and to prevent […]

The One about the Columbia Birkie Trail hiking shoes

I’ve been looking for a lightweight hiking shoe to bring with me when I travel overseas and although I would like another waterproof boot, I have one already and the reason why I’m not bringing it along is that it’s quite heavy and wasn’t the most comfortable shoe on many mile walks.  It did great in the mud and water conditions but I need something that was comfortable, available in […]