The One about Making Insalata Caprese (and what if you can’t find fresh or Buffalo mozzarella?)

I absolutely love Caprese salad. Caprese meaning in Italian “Salad of Capri” and originated from a little island off the coast of naples.  It’s a simple dish with wonderful flavors which typically is made of sliced fresh mozzarella (if you can find fresh mozzarella, especially Buffalo mozarrela, then that’s great), tomatoes, green basil and salt with olive oil. It’s very simple but not everyone is going to find the freshest […]

The One about making fish en papillote and shrimp and scallops with beurre rouge

The sadness I feel today after my NFL team lost in the playoffs. But instead of being bummed and frustrated all day, I channeled those raw emotions to  making a wonderful dinner for myself and Angela. With the ingredients that I had, I decided to make Fish en papillote and shrimp and scallops with Beurre Rouge. Fish en Papillote The following ingredients will feed 2-4 people.  Please note that if […]

The One about Okonomiyaki

When it comes to okonomiyaki, there are traditional ways to make it. For example, okonomiyaki is best made with nagaimo (Japanese mountain yam) and it tastes great! In fact, eating okonomiyaki each time I go to Japan is a must.  As you can see from this video I shot in Japan. But as much as I love eating okonomiyaki while I’m in Japan, I try to make it while I’m […]

The One about What I’m Drinking in the Morning

I’m often asked what I’m drinking in the morning. And it’s pretty the same drink that I’ve drunken since I went for a more healthier lifestyle since August 2015. What I’m drinking is my own smoothie which consists of the following: First, I use a Ninja Professional Blender that comes with the two Nutri Ninja cups: Water (about a 1/4 or 1/2 of water from water bottle) 12 frozen blueberries […]

The One about the Almond Flour Pizza

My continued search for low carb, low fat, or low to no sugar meals continues… This time….it’s Almond Flour Pizza!  Well, somewhat…couldn’t find actual almond flour (have to special order it online), but I did find almond meal/flour via Bob’s Red Mill. I tried out a recipe which I modified slightly… 1 Cup Shredded low fat/low calorie Mozzarella Cheese 2 Cups of Almond Flour 4 Tablespoons Ground Golden Flaxseed 1 […]

The One About the Cauliflower Pizza (First Attempt)

Cauliflower Pizza? Yes, you read that correctly. As my days of eating wheat/bread/pasta/grains are no more, friends have recommended me to try Cauliflower pizza. For the cauliflower mix, just a head of cauliflower (3 eggs – I used one egg per cup) and oregano, little salt and pepper. While I can’t eat tomato sauce due to the fructose (unless I can find something natural or decide to make my own), […]