The One about the Taiyaki at Kurikoan

When it comes to taiyaki, you can find numerous places throughout Japan.  But one of the popular restaurants specializing in kurikoan style taiyaki is Kurikoan. Made from soft, fluffy pancake-liked batter put in a mold with filling and baked in the shape of a fish, the restaurants serve kurikoan that changes with the season and each shop sells limited items. Standards are fillings with red bean, premium cream, kurikoan (chestnuts […]

The One about the Blue Bottle Coffee Aoyama location in Minato

In the early 2000’s, W. James Freeman founded Blue Bottle Coffee in Oakland, California.  The name was inspired by one of Europe’s first cafe, The Blue Bottle Coffee House. Freeman’s original intention for Blue Bottle Coffee was to roast coffee in small batches and sell it within 24 hours of roasting and deliver it to homes. The company would eventually become a cafe and opened locations in the San Francisco […]

The One about Boulangerie Patisserie BRASSERIE VIRON

Japan is a country that no doubt has love for French bakeries and while the bubble economy had its fair share of Tokyo cafe-brasseries, the 2000’s are starting to see a resurgence from patisserie to French chocolatiers growing in numbers throughout Japan.  But one company well known in France for its flour is one of the well-visited bakeries in Tokyo. Viron is a French company that no doubt attracts a […]

The One about ESSE DUE IL Binario in Haneda Airport

ESSE DUE is a pizzeria that was founded over two decades in Akasaka. Focusing on Napoli pizza style showcasing Margherita to various original pizzas, ESSE DUE has opened up restaurants in Hakata and in Tokyo’s Ota ward at Haneda Airport. While the Akasaka restaurant is the oldest and also features many items on their main menu, the Haneda Airport location is a convenient stop to eat hours before boarding your […]

The One about Shirokane Sweets in Minato

Japan has many trendy districts and there are also certain areas that people in Tokyo know are quite affluent. In the Minato ward of Tokyo, the southwest area known as Shirokane.  Known for its expensive real estate fees and known for the area’s cool shopping areas and restaurants. The district received its name from a wealthy government official from the Southern Dynasty who settled in the area during the Oei […]

The One about Doughnut Plant New York City in Shirogane

Doughnut Plant has been a fixture in New York City and Tokyo. With four shops in New York and three in Tokyo, Doughnut Plant is one of the more notable American-based doughnut shops that have thrived in Tokyo and has gained a wonderful reputation thanks to their seasonal offerings but also providing doughnuts for different clientele including donuts for vegans. The company never uses eggs, preservatives or anything artificial and […]

The One about Dominique Ansel Bakery in Omotesando

French-born pastry chef, Dominique Ansel is no doubt a well-known name for pastry fans. He is the owner of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City back in 2011 and started the cronut craze in 2013.  So popular that people were paying $20-$40 for a cronut on the black market.  Even scalpers were trying to sell a cronut for $100 and $5,000 for a 20-piece order. So, popular is the […]