The One about Eight O’Clock 100% Colombian Peaks Medium Roast Coffee K-Cups

If you go into your local store to purchase K-Cups, you’ll often see coffee from Eight O’Clock Coffee. Sure, people today may have heard of Starbucks, Peet’s, Seattle’s Best, etc.  But not many people are aware that Eight O’Clock Coffee has been around since 1859 and was the most popular brand of coffee in the United States in 1930. Created by the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (later known […]

The One about Swan Cafe and Bakery in Kita

I arrived at Itabashi Station and decided to give the Swan Bakery & Cafe franchise in Takinogawa, Kita a try! Swan Cafe is known for their baked bread and coffee and they also take pride in supporting people with disabilities and also hiring those with disabilities. Swan Cafe & Bakery may have opened in 1998 but the groundwork prior to the cafe’s debut went far back as 1993 by the […]

The One about San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee – Dark Chocolate Bar OneCup

As I discussed the history of San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee in my Fog Chaser Review, a coffee that I have come to really enjoy from the company is their Dark Chocolate Bar One Cups. As there are a good number of coffee that have dark chocolate tones, but this is a coffee that is smooth, rich and you taste dark chocolate. I have probably discussed by disdain towards flavored […]

The One about Moriva Coffee

In the Kanto region and Nagoya, Moriva Coffee owned by Zensho Holdings, is a company that prides itself as a “Fair Trade Cafe” for selling delicious coffee beans from Kilimanjaro, East Timor, Mexico and Rwanda. The company purchases coffee and tea from farmers in developing countries for a fair price and helps support the economic develop of the country by doing so. Moriva Coffee offers coffee to their customers from […]

The One about Tully’s Coffee House Blend Medium Roast Vue Cups

One of my favorite coffee that I tend to purchase when I’m in Japan is Tully’s Coffee. Surprisingly, here in the United States, I never tried a Tully’s Coffee product until now. With the Black Friday sales on Keurig, I took advantage of the sales, especially for Vue Cups, since I have a newer Keurig 2.0 coffee machine that allows for Vue Cups. Tully’s Coffee is a specialty coffee retailer […]

The One about Seattle’s Best Coffee – Breakfast Blend K-Cups

Before Seattle’s Best Coffee became a subsidiary coffee retailer owned by Starbucks, going back as far as 1969, Seattle’s Best Coffee was an ice cream and coffee shop known as Wet Whisker based in northwest Seattle. Founder Jim Stewart would purchase green coffee beans from local roasters to be roasted and he sold them at Wet Whisker.  As the shop was sold in 1970, Jim Stewart and his brother Dave […]

The One about San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee – Fog Chaser – OneCup

When it comes to the coffee industry, one of the great success stories revolves around the Rogers Family. Back in 1980, Big Jon and Barbara Rogers took over a bankrupt business known as San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee. Keeping it within the family, the Rogers Family would grow their local coffee roasting company into a worldwide coffee roasting and distributing powerhouse. Fastforward to 2016, the Rogers family continues to keep […]

The One about Revisiting Asakusa Kaminarimon Clover Cafe

It has been a year since I last visited Clover Cafe in Asakusa. But with the popularity of the cafe’s animal designs on their coffee, the signs are now heavily promoting “Doubutsu Cappuccino” and of course, the cafe’s popular chiffon cake. With this latest visit, I wanted to try something different but most of all, take photos inside the establishment, which I wish I did last year. But most importantly, […]