The One about Kagome Yasai Seikatsu 100 Smoothies in Japan

For those who know my morning regiment, it’s either coffee or I blend my own smoothies. But if you are traveling overseas, no access to a blender and are not going to buy days worth of fruits.  The next best thing are the Kagome smoothies. Kagome is one of Japan’s well-known brands that goes as far back in 1899 when Ichitaro Kanie cultivated tomatoes and non-native vegetables. In 1903, he […]

The One about the Milk Coffee (Cafe Au Lait) and wanting it in the USA

In Japan, my favorite beverages that I tend to drink are milk tea and milk coffee.  And for the latter, Cafe Au Lait (Coffee and Milk), I absolute love it! For milk coffee, I absolutely love Coca-Cola’s hot Georgia Milk Cafe Au Lait and Kowai Family Products Kirin’s Atatakai Milk and Coffee. But as easy as they are to purchase at a convenience store in Japan for under $2 a […]

The One About the Perrier

As I have become interested in various types of bottled water, I figured I had to give Perrier a try. It’s been a long time since I have purchased it that I can no longer remember if I liked or disliked it.  But what better time than now to give it a try. Perrier is a French brand of bottled mineral water with its origins taking it to a spring […]