The One about the Craftsman Articulating Hammerhead Autohammer with Articulating Head

As I try to teach myself on how to build things (something I once did way back in high school), I find myself trying various tools. When it comes to hammering nails, I’ll be up front to say that I’m not the most perfect at it. I’ve put together a good number of things in my lifetime, but nailing is not always perfect and often, I have to remove the […]

The One about the Black & Decker 4-Tool Combo Kit

I have purchased and owned Black & Decker products for doing a lot of work around the house and have utilized a variety of products for many years. So, I guess you can say that I am a longtime user of their products. I have to admit that, during the early 2000’s, I started getting into tools that utilized lithium and have had the worst problem with bad lithium batteries […]

The One about the FLIR TG130 Spot Thermal Camera

I have wanted to use a spot thermal camera in order to identify utility issues around the home and hot spots and the FLIR TG130 Spot Thermal Camera does the job quite well. The device comes with the spot thermal camera with an 80×60 imager, three AAA batteries and cord strap. Installation is quite easy, take out the battery holder from its compartment, load up three AAA batteries (note: the […]

The One about the Topeak Survival Tool Wedge II

For anyone who cycles, especially long distances, there are two things they should have with them, a pump (or mini CO2 cannister) and tools. Currently, my favorite to use is the Topeak Survival Tool Wedge II. The Survival Tool Wedge is an updated and improved version of Topeak’s wedge pack and features a wrap around zipper, extra long 3M reflective strip for added saefty at night and a zippered expanding […]