The One about Collecting Japanese Baseball Cards

For Japanese baseball fans, you will more than likely run into many, may they be in Japan or outside of Japan, who are baseball card collectors. Personally, I have been a card collector for many years. From MLB, NFL, NBA packs to comic book-related cards and different stages in my life. Granted, a lot of my card buying days took place back in my younger years, as a child who […]

The One about Shimochari Bicycle Service in Shimokitazawa

Shimokitazwa is known for its shops and restaurants but for those looking for a bike or need bike service should stroll by Shimochari Bicycle Service owned by Hajime. When going inside the shop,  you’ll notice that there are is a lot of love for California, may it be surf-inspired signs (or American signs in general) to his line of California Bikes that many people purchase and want to stroll in […]

The One about Daikokuten Kyooji Temple in Yanaka

In Yanaka, near Nippori Station, is a temple called Daikokuten Kyooji Temple. While not a huge temple, the temple does date back from the Edp Period and inside, there is a statue of Daitokuten, one of the Seven Lucky Gods (shichifukujin).  The statue is said to have been carved by Nichiren (1222-1282) himself (a tale that is really not possible). Daitokuten is considered to be the God of Earth, Agriculture, […]

The One about Discovering Japanese Music: Nogizaka46 – “Kimi no Na wa Kibo”

Nogizaka46 began year 2013 with their fifth CD single “Kimi no Na wa Kibo” (which translates to “Your Name is Hope”), one of their most popular singles to this day. Nogizaka46, the idol pop group was created by Onyanko Club and AKB48 creator Yasushi Akimoto. But where his other groups represent a region of Japan, Nogizaka46 was created as the official rival to Nogizaka46 and the “Nogizaka” named after the […]

The One about the Kyushu Cat Uncle

In Tokyo, there is a man who is known to generate a crowd wherever he goes. Known as the Kyushu Cat Uncle, he travels to various locations around Tokyo to take his beloved cats for a walk. While for some people, seeing these cats in busy areas crowded into in a baby stroller may generate a variety of positive and negative emotions, or even some worry as some may think […]

The One about Tokyo Midtown in Akasaka

In 2007, the mixed-use development known as Tokyo Midtown was complete and unveiled to the public. The location of where Tokyo Midtown is at was once the home of the Mori clan during the Edo period.  And when the site was then took over by the United States Army in 1946 and was returned to Japan in 1960, where it became known as Camp Hinokicho and Hinokicho Air Base, and […]

The One about Taito Station

I’m often asked by people of what is the establishment with the Space Invaders character (more of a pop culture icon) in Japan. The store is called Taito Station and Space Invaders was a Taito arcade video game created by Tomohiro Nishikado back in 1978.  The game was a major success worldwide in the arcades and was also even more popular for the Atari 2600 in 1980. While Taito was […]