The One about Lowering Your Gas Expense by Driving a Hybrid

It was something that I have contemplated but wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through with it. And that’s to go for a hybrid vehicle and choose to go with a car that would provide me more saving and may not have the greatest horsepower, the greatest space and other conveniences of my previous vehicle. But it was the decision I made. Similar to the decision I made in […]

The One about Tinting the Windows of your Car

To tint or not your tint your car? I recommend tinting your vehicle and I can tell you that from experience, by doing so can save you on repair bills in the long run. One of the problems that I had with vehicles I never tinted is quite a few things.  In my part of California, the summertime brings in weather up to 110+ degree heat and without tinting, I […]

The One about the Toyota Prius C

Throughout my life, I have alternated years of vehicles from sporty to something of convenience and back and forth. While my parents had a Mercedes and big trucks, I have always been in the position of wanting a Mercedes, BMW, Infinity or Lexus but then going back to the mindset that I travel so much, I would put so much mileage on my vehicles and not enjoy it. Since my […]

The One about the Actron CP9599 U-Scan OBD II and CAN Code Scanner

Having used the wired Actron CP9550 for years, I was looking forward to the CP9599 U-Scan. While it took me a while to figure out how to remove the code scanner from it’s case, finding and downloading the app to my Android phone was easy. What you get is a free app that performs a QuickCheck to diagnose and reset your check engine light, view emission status and read code […]

The One about the Actron CP9125 PocketScan Code Reader

My older Toyota Corolla has been experiencing the check engine light quite a few times recently. And unfortunately each place locally wants to charge a minimum of $45 just to tell you what the code is and it’s quite disconcerting that each time, it’s “tighten your gas cap” and having to pay for a code check. More than likely, the issue is going to happen again and you might as […]