The One about the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum at Ueno Park

In 1926, the first public music in Japan opened.  Known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and it is the go to museum for masterpieces from abroad and contemporary art are introduced. It’s current location is not the original museum, as the Tokyo Prefectural Museum at Ueno Park was too cramped.  So, an architect named Kunio Maekawa designed a new museum in Ueno Park.  And restoration to the building began […]

The One about the Okakura Tenshin Memorial Park Site of Okakura Tenshin’s Residence in Yanaka

Okakura Kakuzo (a.k.a. Okakura Tenshin) was a Japanese scholar who is known for the development of arts in Japan. Best known for his book “The Book of Tea”, Okakura was a scholar who learned English while attending a school which was operated by a Christian missionary named Dr. Curtis Hepburn.  At the age of 15, he was a student at Tokyo Imperial University in 1875 and studied under Harvard-educated professor […]

The One about the National Museum of Western Art in Ueno

I visited the National Museum of Western Art in Ueno Park.  I  went to check out the exhibit of German Renaissance painter and printmaker, Lucas Cranach the Elder. The building of the National Museum of Western Art was designed by Le Corbusier (Charles-Edouard Jeanneret), one of the pioneers of modern architecture and was added in July 2016 to the World Heritage List along with other works by Le Corbusier “for […]

The One about Design Toscano Art Nouveau Poppy Princess Wall Pocket Planter Sculpture

As I have become familiar with Design Toscano products, with spring coming around, I have been interested in sculptures to put in our front garden and possibly another to be kept indoors. For those not familiar with Design Toscano, the company is a popular mail order company in America.  According to their profile, “Michael and Marilyn Stopka visited Paris and were awestruck by the Notre Dame Cathedral with its detailed […]

The One about LACMA

In 1920, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) opened. Located on Wilshire Blvd. in the Miracle Mile area in Los Angeles, right next to La Brea Tar Pits, LACMA is the largest art museum in the western United States and has over 150,000 works that go as far back as ancient times to the present. I have been to this museum several times and I can tell you […]

The One about the Golden Obelisk in Odaiba, designed by Phillipe Starck

French designer Philippe Starck is well-known for his interior, architectural, industrial and product design. Starck studied at the Ecole Camondo in Paris and he created an inflatable structure in 1969 that questioned materiality and would bring him to the attention of Pierre Cardin who offered him a job as an artistic director of his publishing house. From his creations such as Cafe Costes, Mama Shelter in Marseille, France, his Volteis […]

The One about the Portrait of Madame Paul Duchesne-Fournet, 1879 by Jean-Jacques Henner

When I visit LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), I’m often drawn to the oil on canvas painting of the “Portrait of Madame Paul Duchesne-Fournet, 1879” by Jean-Jacques Henner. Henner is a French painter who was known for using sfumato (one of the four canonical painting modes of Renaissance art and is derived from the word “fume”) and chiaroscuro (one of the four canonical painting modes of Renaissance art […]

The One about Andrea Marks’ “Fukami: Purity of Form”

I have been fortunate to have met Fukami Sueharu and one book that I treasure (and was thrilled to have him sign) was a copy of “Fukami: Purity of Form” written by Andrea Marks (and also including essays from other associates who are well-versed in the work of Fukami). For anyone who has never seen the work of Fukami, the one thing that will amaze you is how some of […]