Japan Guide: The One about Japanese Calendar Years for Modern Japan

When I’m in Japan, one of the things that can really stump Japanese is when you ask them what year they were born?  What year was the structure or business started? In the US, we are used to going by a year such as:  This person was born in 1979.  That structure was build in 1907. But in Japan, it’s different.  Their year is based on when the emperor has […]

The One about the HI-TEC Eagle Ridge WP Hiking Boots

In 1974, the sportswear company Hi-Tec Sports was founded by Frank Van Wezel in England before relocating to Amsterdam, Netherlands. While his love for squash and tennis would lead to Wezel’s involvement in the sports shoe industry and introducing the first specialist squash shoe, the company has sold more than 19 million pairs of shoes since then. Meanwhile in Modesto, California, Duke and Kathy Jones started Hi-Tec sports USA and […]

The One about Sangen-jaya Station in Setagaya

When going to Sangen-Jaya Station in Setagaya, Tokyo, one of the things you’ll notice that it’s right at Carrot Tower and it looks quite new from the outside. In truth, Sangen-Jaya Station has been around since March 1907 (Meiji 37) and the rail line was originally known as the Tamagawa Line and is operated by the private railway operator Tokyo Corporation. By January 1925 (Taisho 14), the Setagaya Line was […]

The One about the Yamada Yoji Museum in Katsushika Part 2

As I continue to visit the wonderful Yamada Yoji Museum in Katsushika, the main room of the Yamada Yoji museum is where you will find a lot of nostalgic items from his past films. The main room is where you will see many of the film reels but also you can watch each Yamada Yoji film through a video screen behind the film reels. If anything, I was just amazed […]

The One about the Yamada Yoji Museum in Katsushika Part 1

Yamada Yoji is one of the most well-respected filmmakers in Japan.  Known for his “Otoko wa Tsurai yo” (a.k.a. “Tora-San”) films, he is also known for directing the “Samurai Trilogy” (“The Twilight Samurai”, “The Hidden Blade” and “Love and Honor”). Yamada has won the Best Picture Award at the Japanese Academy Awards four times for his films “The Yellow Hankerchief” (1977), “My Sons” (1991), “A Class to Remember”, “The Twilight […]

The One about Otonashi Water Park in Kita

Located on the opposite side of Asukuyama Park and near Oji Station is Otonashi Water Park (Otonashi Shinsui Koen). The park was created to maintain the flow of water from Shakuji River when there is flooding. Created in traditional Edo-style, the park is often visited by families and each spring, visited for its cherry blossoms. The wooden bridge was restored after it was destroyed during the Kano River typhoon of […]

The One about Seki Shrine in Kita

Yesterday, I posted about Oji Shrine in Kita ward.  Now, I’m going to post about Seki Shrine and the nearby gingko tree which is a very short walk from Oji Shrine. Seki Shrine (Seki Jinja) is considered a subsidiary shrine and it’s rare shrine dedicated to an ancestral deity who is considered the God of Hair, Semimaru. The story goes that poet, Prince Semaru, had a sister with her hair, […]