The One about the Hanako Memorial Statue near Kichijoji Station

In May 2017, the Hanako Memorial Statue was unveiled near Kichijoji Station. Hanako was born in 1947 in Thailand and was owned by the late Thai businessman Somwang Sarasas. In 1949, the businessman gave Japan Hanako as a gift to show the relationship between both Thailand and Japan. And so, she was taken to Ueno Zoo in Tokyo where she resided until 1954, where she moved to Inokashira Park between […]

The One about Japanese Homes with Tatami

When traveling to Japan, one may have the impression that many homes have tatami flooring. Many have seen it on movies and television but the truth is tatami flooring has been on the decline as many home owners prefer a western-style of flooring. But there are a few who prefer having a home, typically a single room where tatami mats are installed (tatami is primarily made of rice straw or […]

The One about Minami-Senju Station in Arakawa

Located in Arkawa, Tokyo is “Minami-Senju Station” (which means South Senju Station). Opened back in 2008, the station is operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East), Tokyo Metro and the Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company. The primary lines is JR East Joban Line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Metropolitan Intercity Railway Tsukuba Express. Outside of the station, one will find a McDonald’s, Burger King, restaurants, a Lawson convenience store and […]

The One about the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame Part 3

And here we are with the final part of Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame at Tokyo Dome. With the viewing rooms  in the next hall, once you past it, it’s when you get to see the actual members of the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame and their plaques all across the wall.  And the good news is that there is an English translation below each plaque. One of the things […]

The One about the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame Part 2

I wrote about the entry portions and the first two rooms of the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame at Tokyo Dome. In this part 2 post of the Japanese Ball Hall of Fame, the area focuses on the history of baseball with really awesome artifacts from baseball’s and Japanese baseball’s early years.  As well as sections honoring MLB’s Ichiro Suzuki. As the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame exhibit portion showcase […]

The One about the Columbia Birkie Trail hiking shoes

I’ve been looking for a lightweight hiking shoe to bring with me when I travel overseas and although I would like another waterproof boot, I have one already and the reason why I’m not bringing it along is that it’s quite heavy and wasn’t the most comfortable shoe on many mile walks.  It did great in the mud and water conditions but I need something that was comfortable, available in […]