The One about Valle Grullense in Hanford, California

This past weekend, I was in Hanford, California to visit a Mexican restaurant, Valle Grullense.

I have heard a lot of wonderful things about this restaurant and when I hear they have great burritos but also a lot of variety of dishes, I had to check it out!

When I went to visit the location, I was quite surprised as this was the place that was once known as “Golden Corral’ when I was a young child.  It was once a steakhouse that would benefit from what was the original mall location long ago.   And then it would become a Chinese restaurant and would have different ownership throughout the different decades after.

Inside, you are greeted and were told that we can sit anywhere.  Once we met our waitress, we were given tortilla chips and salsa and given a menu.  Once we ordered out beverage and food, just looking at the photos, we couldn’t wait to eat.

I have to say that customer service was wonderful.  The waitress answered my questions, gave me recommendations and also was happy that the restaurant was clean.

We ordered numerous things on the menu, from nachos, tacos, a California burrito, a breakfast burrito and more.

And everything we ordered was absolutely delicious.  The nachos were full of meat, avocado, sour cream and cheese.  The California burrito, I asked for grilled chicken and it came with french fries, pico de gallo, sour cream and avocado.

I asked for a chorizo breakfast burrito and you got two small homemade tortilla and the toppings are on the plate, chorizo, potatoes, bell peppers and beans.

I’m not sure what I ordered but it was like a soft taco with fish and shrimp and that was delicious.

I was already to full to eat the burritos, so I took those two home and ate it later.

But I was quite pleased by the fact that they had so many offerings.  For some restaurants, having too many selections is typically not wise.  But in the case of Valle Grullense, it’s a restaurant setting that offers variety.  Especially for those who want something different, such as a seafood dish, may it be salad, stuffed dish or dessert.  There is a lot of things offered and should appeal to those who want to try different things but also warranting a return back to the restaurant.

I felt the dishes were absolutely delicious, I enjoyed the restaurant so much that I am coming back.

Great food, great customer service, clean restaurant, clean bathrooms and warm environment, Valle Grullense definitely gets my recommendation!