The One about Ikebukuro Suitengu

When I am heading out to Ichiran Ramen, often I pass by an area of Ikebukuro that I usually don’t visit.

There is a shrine in the location known as Ikebukuro Suitengu and for those who enjoy exploring small shrines, this one is a little interesting.

Interesting that because where it’s located, chances of finding homeless, people smoking, cats gathering and litter are probably to be expected.  It’s always a place for people to kick back and rest after a jog or walk, or eat something quick with the 7-Eleven right across the way.

But Ikebukuro Suitengu does have some history.

Founded in 1928, those who were asking for the prosperity of Ikebukuro and wanting a shrine supporting a Shinto shrine in Nihonbashi, a shrine was built in the present area.

The general office is in Kurume, Fukuoka and is a shrine where people came to pray for long health, prayers for childbirth and more.

To be perfectly honest, coming to this area, I was wondering if it would smell like urine.  Also, wondering f I would see homeless sleeping near the trees but when I went, I didn’t see anything alarming.   I think it’s worse in Ikebukuro West Gate Park, where you could go and enjoy but find people sleeping in the bushes or somewhere in the park.

It’s important to note that this is not a dangerous area.  It’s near the railroad track but because there is a hotel nearby and convenience stores, it’s actually quite safe and it is in the East Exit area.

But for the most part, Ikebukuro Suitengu is for those who come to worship in the area, but the outlying park area is primarily for smokers (as there are no smoking areas nearby), people needing a place to sit and eat/rest.