Q&A: The One about Answering Your Questions Part II

Hi everyone!

I get asked a lot of questions in regards to traveling, so once in awhile, I’ll feature a Q&A on the site!

So, let’s begin…


If I need to make a phone call, are there pay phones around Japan that I can use?

Yes, pay phones still exist.  While I haven’t used a green pay phone in Japan since 1999, they are around at major train stations.  Make sure they take coins, as the years of purchasing a pre-paid phone card, not sure if anyone does that any more.  I will say that if you are traveling to Japan, I recommend a pocket wifi and using Facebook Messenger or LINE.

I have been following your sites for a very long time and I remember you used to promote CC Lemon on your site.  I went to Japan and I didn’t see any CC Lemon sold at the convenience store.  Do they still make it?

Yes.  Suntory still makes it, but you know, I had to check for myself and I didn’t find it at 7-Eleven at the cold beverage area or where most vitamin drinks are located either.  So, not sure why I’m not finding it as I did before.  But I still see it in the vending machines, where I purchased this one at a train station.

What was the big fashion trend you saw this winter in Tokyo?

Canada Goose and BAPE jackets.  The Canada Goose jackets are always interesting for me to see, because it’s interesting to see how many people have spent over $800 on a Canada Goose jacket in Japan.  I can see very cold areas up North or mountainous areas, but in Tokyo, it seems it’s more of a status jacket because I don’t find it that cold to wear something so thick (unless you get very cold very easily).  What’s also interesting is to see jackets that look like a Canada Goose jacket with a similar patch.

As for A Bathing Ape, I enjoy BAPE but noticed more foreign travelers at the BAPE store spending a ton of money than Japanese locals.

There are people who still sport The North Face, but what’s interesting is how many were sporting hunting/camo The North Face hoodies/jackets.

I felt so unfashionable this past winter in Tokyo because I was sporting a leather racing jacket and a brown leather jacket.  So, I felt out of my element.  Granted, I brought a cold weather jacket just in case…which I had to wear often when traveling up north, but nothing as thick like a Canada Goose jacket…hmm..now I want one.

Did you happen to go to Soap Land while in Japan?

Sure, I went to see if they had any hand soap and body soap in stock and they didn’t have anything for sale?

Seriously?  Of course not.

Well, actually the photo I took makes my answer quite inaccurate, so I guess the answer is yes… but only to take photos of that sign.  But no, I did not go inside.

But look at those prices for 50 and 70 minutes!

Did you encounter Pikachu while in Japan?

Sure did!