The One about Pomme no Ki

I’m often asked if there is a restaurant that I always visit when I’m in Japan.  There are a few, but there is one that I keep coming back for their excellent omurice and that’s Pomme no Ki.

For those not familiar with omurice, this is yoshoku (western-influenced style of Japanese cuisine) which is an omelet with fried rice inside. And on top of the omurice is typically ketchup, but many restaurants are now utilizing various types of sauces and you can variety of omurice at various restaurants in Japan.

Pomme no Ki (Pomme’s) features 40 kinds of omelet rice that people can partake in and it’s so popular that the number of restaurants through Japan continues to grow.  So, popular that the chain was rank #1 for Oricon Japan Customer Satisfaction Ranking in 2016.

When you order, there are various options.  SS being the smallest that utilizes two eggs, S uses three eggs (this is the standard size), Medium uses four eggs and Large uses six eggs and is Y400.

And if you go on the sixth day of the month, if you order an SS omurice, you get 30% off.

Personally, I have tried many versions of “Pomme no Ki” omurice.  And everything has been delicious.

While I don’t drink soda, when I eat at “Pomme no Ki”, I have to order a melon juice and sometimes they’ll add a parfait as part of a set (or you can order it as extra).

And I have been to various locations such as the Odaiba, Harajuku and Shibuya locations.

But it’s a place that keeps me coming back for more because the omurice, every one I have tried has been delicious.

The place is clean, customer service is exceptional and for the most part, it’s become a yearly tradition for me to eat at a Pomme no Ki.  My go to location to visit is probably the Odaiba restaurant in Aqua City.

There are sets you can get that comes with a salad and parfait, so look closely at the menu or signs for current restaurant deals.

But overall, Pomme no Ki is simply a restaurant that I absolutely love.  There are many restaurants I have visited for their omurice, as omurice is something I love to eat in Japan, so far, the best I have had is at Pomme no Ki.

With so many varieties of omurice being offered, Pomme no Ki is recommended!