The One about the Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

One of the popular Japanese snacks that you will often see or hear about is takoyaki.

Invented in the city of Osaka during the 1930’s, now this popular Osakan street food can be found all over Japan and abroad.

Made of wheat flour-based batter and cooked in different types of molded pans and used with a special pick, takoyaki is filled with minced or diced octopus, pickled ginger, green onion and tenkasu (tempura scraps).  And on top, takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise and sprinkled with aonori and dried bonito.

And in Odaiba, there is a place called the Odaiba Takoyaki Museum at Decks.

Now, it’s important to note that in Japan, the word museum is not always used in the same way as in America or Europe.  Museum is often used in different ways that some travelers may think, is this for real?  Am I missing out on something?

The Odaiba Takoyaki Museum is more or less a food court (in Japan, they call it a food theme park).  Similar to what you would find in a shopping mall, the difference is that the shops in the food court in this case, cater to takoyaki.  You can purchase and eat takoyaki and purchase shops with takoyaki stuffed animals and more.

But why is the word museum used?  Primarily because encased in glass, you will find five different takoyaki molds and nearby a sign about the history of takoyaki.

That’s pretty much it.

But it doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting.  In fact, for those wanting to eat takoyaki will want to visit the location if they are in Odaiba.

Inside are shops such as:

Tennouji Abenotakoyaki Yamachan, a mountain of takoyaki plus toppings and you get their secret soup (whichhas pineapple and banana).  There secret soup is well-known for those who come to the area.

Then there is Imotako, takoyaki with big pieces of octopus and using Hinai chicken stock.

Takoyaki 18ban has a cherry blossom-colored takoyaki with a creamy dough with soft texture using milk powder.

Takoyakinoganso Honke Aizuya is the classic store that invented takoyaki.  Crunchy outside, creamy inside.

Takoya Doutonbori Kukuru uses large chunks of octopus and takoyaki combined with white wine.

Marugoto Osaka! Ichibirian is a souvenir shop that sells takoyaki-themed merchandise.

Overall, the Odaiba Takoyaki Museum is a pretty cool food court for takoyaki lovers.

I happen to love takoyaki and there are different shops that have their own way of making takoyaki, so in some ways, you want to try different shops to see which one appeals to you.

But if you go there expecting a museum or anything full of history as you would expect from a museum, you may be severely disappointed.