The One about Udagawa Cafe “Suite” in Shibuya

Udagawa Cafe “Suite” is a place for those looking to chill in Shibuya, eat and drink with friends ’til midnight

Formerly known as “Udagawa Sweets”, the cafe promotes fancy meals and cakes and because of the vibe and convenience, it’s a location (found at Shibuya’s Centre Gai) that one should expect to pay a bit more than other cafes.

The cafe sells pizza, pasta, pesce & carne, risotto, altro, dessert and more!

But what I love about the place is how quaint it is and enough room for people to hang out and have discussions over food and coffee.

The place is often busy and quite popular because it opens until the wee hours of the early morning.  So, it’s a great place to head and talk with someone, especially on a date.

But I highly recommend saving this on your maps and figuring out which stores are nearby because if you are using Google Maps, the location direction marker goes crazy (as can be expected in Shibuya) and starts pointing one direction and then another direction and it is a little frustrating, so know which stores are nearby.  It actually took me a half hour to find the location and it kept telling me I was nearby, then telling me to go to all these directions and I actually gave up and as I was going to head back to Shibuya Station, I found it by mistake.

It’s important to note that people smoke in the cafe, so if you don’t like it, this place may not be for you.

The place is clean, you do get serviced quickly and the location, the food, the drinks (albeit a bit pricey) is good…if there was one thing about the location is that this is a place that is not provide service with a smile.  In a way, the servers are a bit tsundere and it’s obviously not intentional.

One friend who was Japanese and another who was from Argentina ordered and while I got mine just fine, she looked very uninterested in serving the others.  A frown on her face and when they ask questions about the menu, she gave them a disgusted look.  That’s something you usually don’t see in Japan.

But it wasn’t just one employee, it was the same with another.  Perhaps they were stressed out or not feeling well but it’s the only place in Japan where I’ve seen a waitress that did not give service with a smile, more of a scowl.

A few felt the price of drinks were just way too high.   But my feeling is having a business in Shibuya is expensive and you’re paying for the convenience.

Overall, my experience was fine at Udagawa Cafe “Suite”, just not so good for my friends.  Their reviews may not be as positive but for me, it’s good to know of a cafe that stays open ’til midnight, offers a variety of food and beverages.  Cool looking interiors, good space to hang out with friends and more!