The One about “Generations” by Flavia Biondi

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Recently, I read Italy-based comic book artist/writer Flavia Biondi’s “Generations”, her fourth graphic novel and her first to be published in the U.S.

The story revolves around a young man named Matteo, who left home three years prior to pursue a relationship with another man.

Matteo left home because he felt his father wouldn’t be able to handle the fact that he’s gay but also that he didn’t go to college and chose to move to Milan to pursue a relationship.

And now Matteo is back at home, no boyfriend, no more Milan and he hopes he could stay with his grandmother, Nan.

When Matteo arrives, he finds out that numerous people live with Nan, his cousin Sara, his Auntie Cosima, his Auntie Bruna and his Auntie Antonia.

His family are wondering why he returned home and why isn’t he studying in Milan. When they find out that he wants to stay with them, his Auntie Bruna is not thrilled because there are too many people living there.

But his Nan and his other aunts support him staying there and while there, all he does is eat, sleep and drink.

While he has kept his homosexuality as a secret to his family, his cousin Sara tells him that she already knew.

Meanwhile, his Aunt Bruna feels that Matteo is becoming a freeloader and the Aunts try to support Matteo but Bruna wins the argument. So, Matteo must do the first major job in his life to be his Nan’s new caretaker and assist one of her caretakers, Francesco.

And through his time staying with his family, what will Matteo learn about himself and can his relationship with his father ever be repaired?

Overall, “Generations” is an entertaining story. The focus is more on family and Matteo growing as a person. Before he moved back home, he was a person who never took on much responsibility and let his boyfriend do everything. But as he becomes his Nan’s new caretaker, he starts to learn more about himself as a person.

But what happens when his Aunt Bruna overhears his conversation with his friends and finds out that Matteo is gay and contacts his father about it?

The story is a slice-of-life type of storyline that deals with Matteo learning more about himself and the challenge of keeping his sexuality a secret because he is too worried about his family’s response, especially his father.

Wonderful storytelling and character development but also cool artwork that make “Generations” a graphic novel worth reading!