The One about Visiting the Setup for the Tokyo Leather & Goods Exhibition 2018, the JFW Japan Creator 2018 Exhibition & Premium Textile Japan

One of the things that I love to visit are the various exhibits held at the Tokyo International Forum in Marunouchi and not far from Yurakucho Station.

A lot of trade shows are held at this location and it’s no surprise considering how cool and modern the overall building is.

I wrote in the past of the area and the food trucks that people can find during lunch time during an exhibit but I’ve wanted to see what goes on the day before an exhibition and I had the opportunity to check out the setup of the Tokyo Leather & Goods Exhibition 2018, JFW Japan Creator 2018 Exhibition and Premium Textile Japan 2018 Autumn/Winter.

For the Tokyo Leather & Goods Exhibition, the exhibition celebrates the love of leather and and goods craftmanship in Tokyo.

Also, to showcase what is hot and current in the Tokyo Leather industry.  The exhibition is classified into 8 groups: East Japan Handbag Industry Association, Tokyo Fur coal Industry Cooperative Association, Shoes Environmental Walking Improvement cooperative “Eko”, Tokyo Clothing Belt Industry Cooperative Association, East Japan Bags Industry Association, Japan Soft Leather business Cooperative Association and the Tokyo Fashion Goods Cooperative Association.

Meanwhile, the JFW Japan Creator 2018 Exhibition showcases the trends in textures and featured exhibitors and buyers from Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Over 885 pieces of fabric were featured and 1,320 pieces of displayed fabrics could be found.

As for Premium Textile Japan 2018 Autumn/Winter, this is a business negotiation salon providing a high range of high quality fabrics from carefully chosen exhibitors.

The three exhibitions are part of the Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFW Organization) which was established in 2005 with the cooperation of the textile/fashion manufacturers, fashion designers and distributors.  And their goal to disseminate information about Japan’s superior textile/fashion products and services overseas.

To see how successful the event went for the shows, can check out the report here.

It was amazing to see everyone working, watching workers who were busy putting things together in the center, but also to see other staff, especially a video crew capturing the work of those putting the show together.

It was great to see the harmony among the men and women working and it was well-organized.  The photos I took were on November 27th and the exhibitions started on November 28th, so you could see a lot of people busy trying to get things up and running for the exhibitions which started the following morning at 10:00 a.m.

For the JFW events, the organization featured 6,862 apparel retailers, 5,856 wholesalers/trading/planning companies, 91 people in the press, 171 visitor/groups and a combined 17,469 visitors.

Exhibitors were pleased to see the good turnout, the best so far.  There was a 30% increase of customers at the booths according to one exhibitor and also discussion of how “Made in Japan” fabrics were popular.

But for the most part, these exhibitions were a success and it was great to see how the location transformed itself overnight but also to see the high standard of fabrics that many companies brought to their booths.