The One about Where to Take Day or Night Shots of Tokyo Station and JR Towers

I am often asked of how I took my day and night shots of Tokyo Station and where can they go to take photos of the location.

First, I didn’t take my DSLR or lenses, I just used a Canon Powershot G7x and Panasonic DMC-LX10 cameras.

But as for where you can go to take cool photos and is easily accessible, right across the street are various retail high rises but the best place is Shin-Marunouchi Building.

Do not bring a tripod because you are literally walking into a shopping center and go up to the restaurant floor.  Not many people eat outside because it may be cold or windy or the temperatures may not be the greatest and if you are up to no good, there is security often walking and checking things out in the terrace area.

But photography is allowed and it’s a pretty cool place to get night, evening or night shots of Tokyo Station.

The terrace area covers different angles of Tokyo Station, so you can get numerous day and night shots.  Here are examples:

It’s actually a cool place to hang out and rest your feet during a long day of shopping or walking around.

Where I would have benefited from having my DSLR on this trip is getting a good shot of Tokyo Tower and JR Towers without having to crop by using a wide lens…8mm or maybe even a 14mm.

But for the most part, my goal was to travel light without my heavy camera lenses and with the two cameras that I had, I was content with the shots that I was able to take without my DSLR.

So, if you are looking into taking day or night shots of Tokyo Station and surrounding areas from high above, visit the Shin-Marunouchi building across the street (look for the BEAMS logo) and head up to the restaurant floor and you can go outside to the terrace area.