The One about Marutake Tamagoyaki at Tsukiji Fish Market

I have written about tamagoyaki in Tsukiji back in 2016, but this time I want to spotlight one of the more popular establishments in the area, Marutake Tamagoyaki.

Marutake has been around for over 80 years (founded in the late Taisho period) and has always been a specialty shop selling egg dishes.  But part of the popularity of Marutake Tamagoyaki is the restaurant’s collaboration with Japanese director, TV producer and popular TV talent, Terry Ito.  And when you visit Marutake Tamagoyaki, you will see his photo at the restaurant.

Marutake Tamagoyaki uses fresh eggs which they receive from a farm every day.

The restaurant does add any additives and the secrets of Marutake’s way of making tamagoyaki continues to be enacted through their skilled employees.

Creating fluffy tamagoyaki with smooth texture and what makes it incredibly popular among those visiting Tsukiji Fish Market, is that a tamagoyaki costs only Y100 (better known as the Yakitama 100 yen).

But for those who want something larger can purchase a much larger version of their tamagoyaki for Y620 (a.k.a. “Atsuyakitamago”) or one with shrimp (a.k.a. “Ebi-tama”) for Y670 (large), Y620 (medium), another with Mitsuba leaves (a type of parsley) for the same price for medium and large.

But also other specialty Tamagoyaki with nori (Y570), green onions (a.k.a. Negi-tama) (Y570) and tamagoyaki in fan-shaped which is Y670 for large and Y330 for small.

The also have a box of oboro (crumbled shrimp paste) for Y500.

When going to Marutake Tamagoyaki, you will notice there are two vendor sections.  One that sells the different types of tamagoyaki and then to that store’s left, going past the one shop next to it, you will see the Marutake Tamagoyaki that sells the Y100 tamagoyaki and where you will see a line.

The line doesn’t take long because the store is always prepared and for Y100, it’s easily affordable.  The Y100 tamagoyaki is served on a paper plate and you get this small plastic utensil (not necessarily a knife and not a spoon), so it’s easy to eat.

The texture is like an omelet but it’s soft and fluffy and there is a sweet taste to the egg.   While what seasoning is used is a company secret, the company does share that it uses chicken eggs, soy sauce, dairy juice, sugar and salt.

More than often, you will see lines for other sushi places in Tsukiji and they send one of their family member or friends to pick up tamagoyaki to bring back to them.

But Marutake Tamagoyaki is just one of the few tamagoyaki shops in Tsukiji but for tamagoyaki, the shop is the most popular (I would like to emphasize that each tamagoyaki shop offers different types, so try the different stores to see which one you prefer).

If you are planning to visit Tsukiji Fish Market, definitely give Marutake Tamagoyaki a try!