The One about Onigiriya Marutoyo in Tsukiji Fish Market

A lot of people ask me if I recommend one place in Tsukiji Fish Market, I can easily say that anywhere in Tsukiji, you’ll get great breakfast sushi.

But is there a place that I go to Tsukiji for and has been a ritual for me to visit each time in Japan?  My answer is “Onigiri Marutoyo”.

This is a vendor that sells onigiri (rice ball) of various types.  Really, you can’t go wrong with eating at this location because there are so many offerings and each time I try each one, I have not found one bad tasting one since.

Everything is delicious and inexpensive!

While Onigiriya Marutoyo is open from 3am to 3pm, I suggest going there early in the morning because the lines are packed and towards the late morning and early afternoon, not everything is available.  So, if you want the most variety, go in the morning!

You can find the following onigiri (and much more) at Onigiriya Marutoyo.  Here are a few onigiri that I’ll list that you can find sold in the morning:

  • Conger Eel – 穴子 (Anago)
  • Curried Pilaf  (also called Dry Curry)
  • Plum – (Ume)
  • Pickled Plum – 梅干し (Umeboshi)
  • Kelp – 昆布 (Konbu)
  • Horse Mackerel – ホースサバ (Housusaba)
  • Cod Roe – たら子 (Tarako)
  • Spicy Cod Roe
  • Hijiki – しそひじき (A type of seaweed)
  • Mackerel – サバ (Saba)
  • Shrimp – エビ (Shrimp)
  • Salmon Belly
  • Salmon Roe – イクラ (Ikura)
  • Salmon – サーモン (Salmon) or 鮭 (Sake)
  • Short-Neck Clam – あさり (Asari)
  • Tuna – 鮪 (Maguro)

And they sell other types of onigiri without seafood and a few other non-onigiri items as well.

Onigiriya Marutoyo is opened every day except on Sundays and holidays.