The One about Wadakura Fountain Park in Chiyoda

Located near the Imperial Palace is the Wadakura Fountain Park, a park that is part of Kokyogaien National Gardens.

The park was created to commemorate the royal wedding of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan back in 1961.

The fountain was reconstructed in 1995 to incorporate a more post-modern theme which was “Continuity” and “New Development” and people will notice four canal-like areas that lead to the new fountain and this is to symbolize the Royal Wedding of two generations.

And along with the large fountain are water monuments as well.  In addition, all fountains are illuminated at night and the water is taken from the Wadakura-bori moat and is filtered and recirculated continuously.

Next to the fountain park is the Wadakura Fountain Park Restaurant (which is popular because it’s an elegant restaurant that serves a lunch buffet and often is packed, so you need reservations to go in) and Terrace Rest Area.  And also in the area is a historical landmark with the Wada Kuramon, a stone structure (right next door to rest area).

I have to admit that Wadakura Fountain Park is one of the coolest, most tranquil and clean rest areas to visit in Chiyoda that has access to so many things around it.  Up ahead is the Imperial Palace, right behind it is the Marunouchi area.  But most of all, the fountains and canals that surround the area.  It’s pretty modern and cool to see.

Here is a video I shot going to the area:

And these photos are just part of the things you’ll see as part of Kokyogaien National Gardens.  More areas to explore which I will talk about in the near future!