The One about Joe & The Juice at San Francisco’s International Airport

For those who know me, I’m big on juice and I’m big on coffee and if I can find awesome juice chains and coffee shops, it makes my day!

So, when I was at San Francisco Airport, I saw a Joe & Juice shop and I’ve been wanting to try this place for years.

While a number of juice shops exist in New York City and San Francisco, I’ve heard a lot of cool things about Joe & The Juice, that I was really looking forward in trying the place for the first time!

Created by former karate champ Kaspar Basse in Copenhagen, Denmark back in 2002, the juice bar is known for hiring cool guys and has a bro culture!  The approach is different and they target a younger hipper customer who is concerned about experience and food.

In fact, I read that healthy food, cool ambiance, music and good times, is what Basse had in mind when creating his shop.

They specialize in “fresh” ingredients, they don’t hire staff, they cast them online ala #joecastings and music plays a big part of their restaurant as staff create their own mixes and music.

I heard some locations even have photo booths and according to Kaspar Basse, wants his chain to be the “go-to place for health-conscious people who like their fresh-pressed juice served with a side of edgy”.

People they cast and become employees are tested with social interaction and physical tests and customer service is a priority.  Heck, employees have an exchange program, so if they want to move to another country and work at Joe & The Juice in that country, the exchange program allows for that.

That’s unreal and at the same time, pretty cool!

Granted, with 200 locations in Europe, the United States and Asia, part of the company was sold to Swedish capital fund Valedo Partners in 2013 and in 2016, US capital fund General Atlantic bought a stake in ownership.


First, I think it was cool for Joe & The Juice to choose their placement near international flights.  Perfect section and it attracts a lot of people of being one of the sole areas to sell drinks and food.

I was actually going for a shake but the cool employee recommended “The Nordic” which came with Sea Buckthorn, Strawberry, Avocado, Elderflower, 2% milk and Hemp Granola.

For those who know me well, know that my breakfast is typically berry-driven via self-concocted smoothies.  But I know my strawberries, I know blue and blackberries, but what is a Sea Buckthorn?

The berry is grown in China, Mongolia, Russia, northern Europe and Canada and are edible, nutritious and sour.  So, when frosted and mixed with sweeter juices, it becomes a tastier berry juice and in other countries, sea buckthorn is used as a skin softener, treating dermatological disorders and even treating diarrhea.  Studies are being done to see if it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

With that out of the way, what about “The Nordic”?  The addition of the 2% milk and Hemp Granola and other ingredients made this breakfast delicious and filling.

I also had a latte, as I wanted to try their coffee and since I was waiting for my flight and had time to kill, I ordered a Joe’s Club and while I was expecting something that resembles a sandwich you would eat at other restaurants, it’s presentation is much different than most cafe’s and sandwich shops.

But I will say, the combination of chicken, tomato, avocado and pesto was awesome.  Interesting, the guys wanted me to try the Chickpea, but I decided that I was cool with the club.

Overall, my experience at Joe & The Juice was awesome.  Great customer service, I can see the “Bro” experience because discussions I had with staff, it was atmosphere of liking hanging out with a friend.

And for that, I give this place a thumbs up on customer service and overall great taste.

Now, I’m not sure if the prices are consistent with the other chains, considering I went to the Joe & the Juice at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and airport prices may tend to be higher.  But I can see some people not liking the higher prices but I suppose I didn’t question it all that much because I am used to paying more at an airport.

I did go when it wasn’t rush hour, so my experience was positive but after I got my stuff, the place got busy and I noticed a few people had to wait longer for their food (there were a few ordering a lot of coffee for their fellow employees).  But for my personal experience alone, the food, ambiance and selections, this place definitely gets the thumbs up from me!