The One about Moët Marche 2017

In Tokyo Midtown, as part of the Christmas holiday, Moët & Chandon, a French fine winery and also the co-owner of the luxury goods company LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE and one of the world’s largest champagne producers held its Moët Marche 2017.

Moët et Chandon was established back as far as 1743 courtesy of Claude Moët and the company owns 2,800 acres of vineyards and produces 28,000,000 bottles of champagne annually.

And for the Christmas Holiday, Moët collaborated with daGiorgio to provide Italian pizza and mini-Moët as part of the Moët & Chandon Christmas Marche.

I ordered the Margarita D.O.C., a bit pricey for a small pizza but you have a trained pizza-maker from Japan that was trained in Naples and you have the the Moët & Chandon ambiance and for the most part, it was a classy setting with gold and black all around.

If anything, the Moët Marche 2017 no doubt added a touch of class to Tokyo Midtown.

The location had places for dining, photo booths and even employees taking photos of anyone (using their cell phone or camera) in front of the Moët sign.

But most importantly, people who are passionate about Moët & Chandon could drink some champagne and enjoy the holiday festivities/shopping.

Overall, a classy touch to Tokyo Midtown’s holiday festivities.

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