The One about Tokyo Dome City Winter Lights Garden

In 2016, I was quite sad that I had to leave Japan a few days before many of the locations put up their illumination lights.  And that sadness was partly what made me want to travel to Japan and stay their for a month and enjoy the Christmas vibe in the country.

Granted, Christmas is more like an extended Valentine’s Day for couples and a time where families can exchange gifts.  But I wanted to visit the many illumination locations and Tokyo Dome City Winter Lights Garden was one of them.

The illumination was cool.  While there are other sites that are more spectacular in presentation, Tokyo Dome City at least is a shopping, entertainment and sports complex that tries to give their visitors a Christmas experience and I dig that.

And I often love visiting Tokyo Dome City for my Yomiuri Giants merchandise but also to find other cool things that I haven’t discovered near Tokyo Dome.

Here are a few videos from Tokyo Dome City Winter Lights Garden: