The One about Tokyo Midtown Christmas 2017

In Tokyo, there are few sites that really go out when it comes to illumination during the Christmas holidays.

Tokyo Midtown in Akasaka is one of those places.  And this year’s Tokyo Midtown Christmas 2017 did not disappoint.

One of the larger, classy commercial spaces that offers offices, hotels, leisure space and also is the location of the Suntory Museum of Art, the Midtown Tower will be the tallest building in Tokyo when completed.

Midtown features a few buildings, such as Midtown Tower, Midtown east, Midtown West, Parkside, Midtown Front, Midtown Gardenside and the Galleria.  It is where Fujifilm, Fuji Xerox, Yahoo! Japan, Cisco Japan, Konami, UNIQLO and Nikko Asset Management are located.

Including the first Terence Conran restaurants, Coopola’s Vinoteca showcasing the wines of Francis Ford Coppola and also one of my favorite places, Dean & DeLuca.

And during the holidays, this place is transformed into a LED Christmas paradise.

One can find the Welcome illumination and the numerous tree illumination outdoors including the champagne illumination.

And once you go past Stardust Road, you will see Stardust Zone in Midtown Garden which features red and green illumination around the ground area.  A favorite location for children to visit around Tokyo Midtown.

Out in the back area of Tokyo Midtown, one can see the Moet & Chandon Christmas Tree in the Plaza area.

While inside the Galleria, one can find the Marche de Noel featuring Christmas shops on the first floor. Also, one can find the massive 4m tree created by the coming together of no less than 1,800 Santas.  This year marks the 10th anniversary of the tree, too, and now ten pairs of these cheeky Santas have broken free and were hiding around the Galleria!

Also, happening in the first floor is the Christmas Wine Festival 2017 and the Moet Christmas Marche 2017.

While on the third floor, for Midtown Christmas Live 2017, people can enjoy Japan’s popular musicians collaborating together and performing Christmas music.

The following is a video featuring Nahoko Suzuki (鈴木菜穂子), Arisa Takeda (武田有彩) and Rina Takamatsu (鷹松李奈 ) performing “A Whole New World” @ Tokyo Midtown Christmas Performance and also a Christmas medley.

The following video is featuring Nahoko Suzuki (鈴木菜穂子) on flute, Shoko Hasagawa (長谷川晶子) on cello and violinist Marilyn Yamauchi (山内麻莉) performing “White Christmas” @ Tokyo Midtown Christmas Live Performance.

But the biggest attraction to the area is the Stardust Garden illumination.

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the Stardust Garden illumination features a different type of LED illumination for each day.

Featuring an array of 510,000 LED Lights to celebrate ten years of Midtown, the Grass Square will feature seven different displays.

Mondays reflect the moon, Tuesday reflects Mars, Wednesday reflects Mercury, Thursday reflects Jupiter, Friday reflects Venus, Saturday reflects Saturn and Sunday reflects the Sun.  And during each of these days, you will see different light shows, pretty much color variations.

But overall, there is so many Christmas things going on at Tokyo Midtown during the holiday season.

While the majority of the Christmas illumination or performances have ended or will be ending on Christmas Day, if you happen to be in Japan especially Tokyo Midtown during the next Christmas holiday, definitely visit Tokyo Midtown Christmas!