The One about Roppongi Hills Artelligent Christmas 2017

Located in Roppongi in Minato, Tokyo is one of the largest development projects in Tokyo, Roppongi Hills.

Opened back in 2003, the place is known for its major TV studio, museum, cafes, restaurants, shops and the 54-story Mori Tower.  It’s also a popular destination during the holidays thanks to the Roppongi Hills Artelligent Christmas illumination.

And for 2017, there are numerous places to visit around Roppongi Hills for the Christmas vibe!

In Keyakizaka is the Keyakizaka Illumination which began on November 7th and ends on Christmas day.  The lights can be seen on Roppongi Keyakizaka-dori Street and  people can check out the “Snow & Blue” and “Candle & Amber” illumination.  While the “Snow & Blue” is prominent after 5:00 p.m., around the :00-:10 and :30-:40 mark is when one can expect to see the “Candle & Amber” illumination.

Roppongi Hills boasts one of the largest and oldest Christmas market in Tokyo. This is where the largest and German Christmas Market of Stuttgart market is reproduced with more than 1,000 kinds of Christmas decorations, authentic German cuisine, and Gluhwein.

At the entrance of Roppongi Hills “66 Plaza” is a symbolic Christmas tree with vibrant lamps that flickers with candlelight.

The “Mohri Garden Illumination” is featured on a pond with the popular heart-shaped artwork “Kin no Kokoro”.  The place is a popular photograph spot at Roppongi Hills.

Located where many of the shops and restaurants towards the West Walk is the “West Walk Illumination” featuring trees with decorations glittering like snow.

And there are many other locations to visit such as the Fir Tree shop, the Christmas Concert which takes place from 12/23-12/25, Tokyo City View’s “Christmas 2017 in the Sky” and more!

If you are in the mood for more Christmas vibe in Tokyo, head to Roppongi Hills and check out the Roppongi Hills Artelligent Christmas 2017.