The One about Luke’s Lobster on Harajuku’s Cat Street

Back in 2009, Maine native, Luke Holden, a one-time lobsterman opened his first seafood shack in New York’s East Village.

In less than a decade, Luke’s Lobster has opened more locations in Maine, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Maryland, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and with the popularity of the seafood restaurant and searching for areas where they can promote sustainable seafood of the highest quality.

They were able to find a partner with Baycrew’s Group, a private Tokyo-based fashion and food company that operates as a franchisee.  According to an article on Forbes, Baycrew purchased all its seafood through Luke’s.

And so, six Luke’s Lobster locations  in Japan have been opened.  Two in Tokyo, one in Kobe, one in Osaka, one in Hiroo and one in Yokohama.

I recently visited the Harajuku Luke’s Lobster location on Cat St., where the Shibuya location allows for people to eat indoors, in Harajuku, people order from a stand and eat outdoors.

As one can expect for a popular American-based seafood place in Japan, there were lines, people enjoyed the food and Luke Lobster is often recommended by many who have eaten there, not just in Japan but all over the United States.

In Japan, they offer the following:

Lobster Roll (US) and a Lobster Roll (Regular), Crab Roll, Shrimp Roll, Taste of Maine and more.

Of course, the menu is not as long as the Luke’s Lobster locations in the U.S.   You’re not going to find grilled cheese, hot dog or burgers, nor will you find belly clam roll or haddock sandwiches but you will find the famous lobster roll and you can get the small regular size and the US size.

But still, this is a restaurant in Harajuku where people can experience Luke’s Lobster with at utmost respect for quality and sustainability thanks to founder, Luke Holden.

The sandwich is delicious and if you have never eaten at the restaurant in the U.S. and happen to be in Tokyo, definitely give Luke’s Lobster a try!