The One about the Ralph’s Coffee Truck in front of the Ralph Lauren store in Omotesando

While Ralph Lauren’s Polo Store on Fifth Avenue in New York closed down earlier this year, along with Ralph’s Coffee, Ralph Lauren wanted the coffee brand to continue and so it does with a coffee truck stand in front of the Ralph Lauren store in Omotesando.

While the US coffee store had a great connection with La Colombe Coffee Roasters, I’m not sure if the popular US coffee roaster and retail store has anything to do with the coffee truck in Japan.

What I do know is that this coffee truck is only for a limited time and moves around the Ralph Lauren store in Omotesando, Daikanyama’s T-Site and even traveled to the Mitsui Shopping Park in Osaka.

I did read that they want to have an actual Ralph’s Coffee cafe inside the Omotesando store.

I went for the latte and for the most part it was delicious but Ralph’s Coffee no doubt has great potential in the Omotesando area but it will remain to be seen if the Omotesando store will incorporate the cafe or if the coffee truck will continue.